Obama Returns to the White House

It was the first time that former President Barack Obama was back at his old residence since the day of former President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Obama came to the White House for a celebration of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which he initially passed into law back in 2010.

President Biden signed an executive order on Tuesday aimed at enhancing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in order to make coverage more affordable and available to the American people.

Between Obama and Biden throughout the day, there were several light-hearted barbs and jokes, with the former opening his speech by facetiously alluding to the sitting president as “Vice President Biden.”

At one point during the speech, Biden said, “It seems like the good old days,” after President Obama stated it was “wonderful to be in the White House.”

As the midterm elections approach, and Biden’s support ratings stay low, inviting Obama to speak could be a wise political move, according to CNN.

According to research from the Kaiser Foundation, despite the fact the Affordable Care Act resulted in significant losses for Democrats in 2010 and 2014, the public view of the law has now shifted.

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Despite the fact that Biden and Obama publicly maintained their image as “best friends,” their partnership has not been without its difficulties.

Biden has criticized Obama for being not critical enough of technology firms in 2020, adding, “there are certain areas where he and I have differed.”

During an interview with ABC News in September 2021, the former president offered his thoughts on the border situation that was still developing under Biden’s leadership.

Obama questioned whether or not the United States was going to take the border crisis seriously and deal with it with a systematic approach.

He also warned the alternative approach is having repeated one-off situations where we’re continuously responding to emergencies.

Later, Obama said this is something each American should be committed to putting a stop to.

Obama went on to say the issue “is a sad reminder that we don’t have this right yet and we have more things to accomplish.”

Obama also said, “we have more work to do.” He went on to say the concept of “open borders” is “unsustainable” and the problem of immigration is “difficult.”

Obama Took His Time Endorsing Biden

After months of deliberation, Obama finally backed Biden for office in April 2020, after first declining to do so.

The two remain in tight contact, according to Jen Psaki, who said in March 2021 that Biden and his strategy teams are in “regular communication” with Obama on “a variety of subjects.”

“They are actual friends, not simply pals from Washington,” Psaki said on Monday. “I’m certain that they will speak.”