Obama Splurges $20k After Insensitive Comments on Texas Shooting

"President Obama" by Pete Prodoehl

Former President Barack Obama has been seen living his best life in New York City, renting a $20k-per-night room at a five-star hotel.

He’s been smiling and waving to his followers only days after being blasted on Twitter for comparing the Texas school shooting to George Floyd’s murder.

“Sen. Obama” by Joe Crimmings

Former president pushes BLM agenda

Naturally, we’d expect no less of Obama than to feed into leftist propaganda.

His tweet, which opens with grievances over the 21 deaths at Uvalde, Texas only segues into remembering the death of a well-known criminal.

Many took the tweet as ill-intended, claiming Obama couldn’t care less for the 19 children and two teachers who died at the hands of Salvador Ramos, instead focusing on something not a single well-meaning person could even think about during this time.

They shunned the former president for picking the worst time to advertise his “favorite“ activist group.

This was confirmed through years of financial support he’d been offering to the borderline terrorist organization known as BLM.

Others, however, believe he’s using both incidents to push his own agendas, as Obama has been known to be a strong proponent of police reform.

Back in 2014, during Obama’s presidency, he’d formed a task force that would expand the database of currently decertified police officers.

President Biden is under fire for defunding the police

Oddly enough, President Joe Biden, who’s become infamous for his press conference gaffes at this point, actually managed to keep his cool.

Biden offered his condolences to the families of victims in Uvalde, promising change is on the way.

Both he and Kamala Harris agree the progress of the bipartisan bill is excruciatingly slow, but engagement is what matters; healing the nation requires everyone to stay on board and keep trying.

Biden is currently stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to police reform.

The progressive left is demanding an unrealistic, tightened use-of-force regime, which due to significant pushback from police chiefs, was not included in Wednesday’s final version that Biden signed.

On the other hand, though, this move can still be perceived as defunding the police, prompting Republicans to slam the president, calling him a hack and a puppet to radical-left organizations like the BLM.

The order Biden signed requires updates from federal agencies to their use-of-force policies, as well as prevents the flow of military surplus to police departments.

It also cuts funding for departments that have yet to implement the chokehold ban.

By the time the left is done, the only thing the Boys in Blue will have left to fight crime with are a couple of kind words to the violent criminals they’re trying to apprehend, and if they’re lucky, a nightstick in less progressive states.