Old Rancher Takes Up Arms to Defend US Border From Biden’s Illegals

A 73-year-old American rancher whose property lies almost on the US-Mexican border in Arizona has seen himself forced to take up arms. He had to do it to defend America’s territory and his own land.

This led to him killing a Mexican drug cartel smuggler. Also, it became clear that he called the Border Patrol for help multiple times.

Old Man Who’s Nothing Like Joe Biden

Ordinary Americans, such as George Kelly, 73, now have to exercise their Second Amendment rights to defend not just themselves and their property, but also the sovereignty, national territory, and territorial integrity of the United States.

The case of Kelly, living less than a mile away from the border fence in Arizona together with his wife Wanda, 74, is increasingly capturing national attention. On January 30, he shot and killed a Mexican drug smuggler on his own land.

The illegal immigrant contrabandist was later identified as Mexican national Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea. Instead of receiving praise, the old man has been arrested and charged with murder.

George Kelly’s 169-acre ranch is located in the Tucson Border Sector, which includes 262 miles from the US-Mexican border.

Rancher Held on $1 Million Bond

Kelly was apparently desperately seeking help from the US Border Patrol before he had to use force on his own land and shoot dead a Mexican drug trafficker, a report by The Daily Mail reveals.

In January 2023 alone, Kelly called the Border Patrol to come to his property at least “30-40 times,” according to neighbors’ accounts. Kelly’s home close to Kino Springs, Arizona has been invaded constantly by illegal immigrants and drug smugglersn.

On January 30, when the rancher had to use force, he called the US Border Patrol at 2:30 pm. He reported seeing a group of illegal migrants running through the land and that they had shot at him.

The elderly American patriot declared in court that his property has been “plagued” by Mexican drug smuggler gangs for a long time. He said on January 30, he actually shot “over” the group of male illegals who were on his land and attacked him first.

One of Kelly’s neighbors told the Daily Mail that the Border Patrol has keys to Kelly’s property and routinely goes there in chases of illegal invaders. Another neighbor said several days before the shooting, there had been a large Border Patrol operation on the elderly man’s ranch.

A Border Patrol officer interviewed by Detective Jorge Ainza confirmed that George Kelly’s ranch and the entire surrounding area had been known as a route for drug trafficking gangs and “high crime” levels.

The detective admitted during Kelly’s recent court hearing that a second Border Patrol agent also verified the frequent calls for help from the rancher.

George Kelly was released on a $1 million bond from custody earlier this week. That came after his relatives managed to use his ranch and received $350,000 in donations through GiveSendGo, a Christian alternative to GoFundMe.

The latter took down the embattled rancher’s fundraising campaign, apparently for woke reasons.

Kelly had not commented on his detention. He only said he had no idea what to expect as he had never gotten in such a situation his entire life.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.