Olympic Athlete is Standing for Christ Instead of Kneeling for Marxism

American Olympian Sydney McLaughlin has just beaten her own world record in the 400-meter hurdles; instead of using her platform for woke politics, she instead is giving glory to God.

Before the race, she also decided to quote a verse out of the Bible when she was asked to describe her teammate Dalilah Muhammad and said that “iron sharpens iron”.

In June for the Olympic Trials, she also gave glory to God; she said that Jesus is her stability and went on to say by grace, Jesus has giving her everything that she has ever needed.

Mclaughlin’s bio on Instagram declares that “Jesus saved me” and her bio on Twitter states that she’s a “child of God”. It’s really great to finally see an athlete give God the glory for their accomplishments instead of giving shoutouts to woke political movements.

McLaughlin in June became the first woman to ever run the 400-meter hurdles under 52 seconds; at the Tokyo Olympics, she ran even faster and crossed the line at 51.46 seconds.

If you are familiar with Track and Field, you know how huge of an accomplishment this is, considering running 400 meters at 51.46 without hurdles is already difficult enough.

Another American Olympian Gives Glory To God

U.S. Olympic runner Athing Mu got a gold medal in the 800-meter run and beat an American record while doing it. Mu ran the 800 meters in 1:55; then, after the race, she went to Instagram and thanked God for fighting her battles.

After breaking a collegiate record in the 800 meters in June, she stated her main goal in life is not just to break the record on the track, but rather live in the image of Jesus.

Before the Olympics, all the athletes who got most of the attention were those protesting the National Anthem or those who were transgender; however, the media failed to tell both McLaughlin’s and Mu’s big accomplishments in the way they deserve.

More than likely, they weren’t invited on primetime television because they would mention the name of Jesus and that’s a big no-no to many networks.

U.S. Woman Soccer Team Loses To Canada

One of the favorites to get the gold medal for women’s soccer was Team USA. They won the Gold medal the first year the Olympics held a woman’s soccer tournament in 1996 and followed it up with 1st place finish in 2004, 2008, and 2012.

In all of those years, the players on Team USA stood proudly for the National Anthem. Although, in the last couple of years, the team members have been infiltrated by woke politics. As many of us saw during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, several of them decided to kneel before their matches.

It appears kneeling didn’t do anything for them because according to CNN, they were recently beaten by Canada 1-0. This means theywill no longer be able to play for a gold medal and will have to settle at best as a third-place finish.