On The Coronavirus, Don’t Listen To Pundits Like Me | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 445


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Today on the show, everyone in the media is spouting off about scientific and medical issues they don’t understand. This makes it hard for people to know who to trust and where to go for information. We’ll try to sort through that fog today. Also, Five Headlines, including the grumpy old men debate last night. And a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate was busted with drugs and a male escort. Will this hurt or help his political future in the Democratic Party?

Listening to reliable sources during coronavirus pandemic – 02:43
Understanding media coverage on coronavirus – 16:40
Dedicated to providing useful coronavirus coverage – 19:45
Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders debate without an audience – 24:31
Hand sanitizer hoarder Matt Colvin forced to donate supply – 27:24
Stephen King Torched For False Intersectionality Tweet Attacking Trump Press Conference – 29:49
Andrew Gillum Involved In Alleged Crystal Meth Incident In Miami Beach – 31:17
Being Stubborn, Rigid May Lower Your Alzheimer’s Risk – 32:03
Math is canceled – 32:49
Responding to an angry email after criticizing Trump – 36:19

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