Over 10,500 Illegal Immigrants Gathered Under a Del Rio, Texas Bridge

Drone footage that Fox News was able to capture has shown over 10,500 illegal immigrants gathered underneath a Del Rio, Texas bridge. Amid the new development, Border Patrol agents are completely understaffed and overwhelmed by the sheer number of illegal immigrants that have entered into the United States from Mexico.

Over 10,500 Illegal Immigrants Gathered Under a Del Rio, Texas Bridge

The majority of the illegal immigrants are originally from Haiti; although, they have trekked all the way into the United States, due to the complete economic and social crisis in Haiti after the president was assassinated.

As of right now, the illegal immigrants are waiting to be apprehended. After they are apprehended, they will more than likely be flown out to different cities across America.

From this point, they will wait for immigration court proceedings to decide whether they will be granted residency in the United States. Biden’s catch and release policy is essentially a lottery ticket for many illegal immigrants looking for U.S. citizenship.

It’s also a stab to the back to all those immigrants who had to wait years to obtain citizenship legally.

Many conservative analysts, such as Candace Owens, believe the catch and release policy is a way for Democrats to shake up the demographics in red states in an attempt to turn them blue.

The Living Conditions are Horrible

The Democrat Party claims to be the party for human rights, but as of right now, the Biden administration is allowing over 10,000 illegal immigrants to live underneath a bridge with barely any food or basic amenities.

COVID fearmongers, such as Fauci and Gupta, are also silent on the members of maskless crowded illegal immigrants flowing into the United States. Now, the Biden administration is even trying to block the media from reporting on the mass illegal immigrants flowing into Del Rio.

The FAA, under Biden’s orders, has banned all drones from flying over the Del Rio detention camp. The ban comes just hours after Fox News released jaw-dropping photos of the influx of people.

Senator Ted Cruz Has Visited Del Rio

Texas Senator Ted Cruz did something that Biden and Harris refuse to do and that’s actually see the border crisis in person. Cruz explained when the Biden administration ended deportation flights back to Haiti on September 8th, thousands of Haitians saw it as a green light to come to the United States.

Senator Cruz went on to say the situation in Del Rio is a man-made crisis and a direct result of Biden’s immigration policies. He also said the living conditions of the illegal immigrants are inhumane and open border policies need to end before America turns into a state of lawlessness.

Thus far, it is quite plain that the Biden administration is trying to cover up this mess, rather than implement meaningful solutions to the mess they’ve made.