Gamergate Is So, So Confusing [RUBIN140]

In 140 seconds, Dave Rubin explains why Gamergate is so confusing.

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Chelsea Handler Pushes Instagrams Nudity Policy

Certain websites, social media sites and apps allow nudity to be shared by its users. Others, such as Instagram, have

Gay Conversion Therapy = Torture

Conversion therapy is a dangerous practice based on the premise that people can change their sexual orientation, literally “converting” from

Egypt Sent 8 Men To Jail Because of This Gay Wedding Video

Footage depicting a gay wedding ceremony in Egypt, shown in the video, has landed eight men in jail. An Egyptian

HUGE News For Weed Smokers! [RUBIN140]

In 140 seconds, Dave Rubin breaks down the big news in marijuana legalization that resulted from the midterm elections.

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Disturbing New ISIS Video: Buying and Selling Female Sex Slaves

This disturbing new ISIS video, newly translated by Al Aan TV, opens with a group of ISIS fighters joking about

Republicans Take Control. What Happens Next? [RUBIN140]

In 140 seconds, Dave Rubin breaks down what happens next now that the Republicans have taken control of the senate.


WATCH: Voting Machine Turns Republican Vote into Democrat Vote (Election 2014)

Early voters in a North Carolina county have reported that at least two of the electronic voting machines repeatedly registered

5 Things That Happened on Election Night 2014

Here’s what you need to know about the 2014 midterm elections.

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How To Stop ISIS in 140 Seconds

Dave Rubin explains how to defeat ISIS in 140 seconds.

ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, the Islamic State