Paratrooper Discloses Shocking Russian War Secrets About Botched Ukraine Invasion

(Social media photos of 33-year-old Russian paratrooper Pavel Filatiev)

A Russian paratrooper discharged from Putin’s military after developing a serious health condition exposed shocking secrets about the bloodthirsty Moscow dictator’s invasion of Ukraine.

Apparently, the troops weren’t told they were invading another country or that they had rusty, jamming weapons with no food or medicines.

New Look Inside the Disastrous Invasion

Pavel Filatiev, a 33-year-old Russian paratrooper among the invaders from the Russian occupied Crimean Peninsula into Southern Ukraine, has written a book, exposing striking secrets about Putin’s military operation.

The book called “ZOV”, i.e. “call”, includes the letters Z and V, which have been painted on invading Russian tanks and vehicles to distinguish from the Ukrainian ones, reported independent, foreign-based Russian media outlets Meduza and iStories.

Filatiev was in the initially most successful beam of the Russian invasion, which managed to capture the Black Sea and Dnipro River port of Kherson, a city nearly 300,000.

For a long time, Kherson was the only major Ukrainian city captured by the Russian invaders. In April, the paratrooper managed to get himself extracted from the frontlines and sent home after he developed keratitis, a serious eye condition.

(Social media photos of 33-year-old Russian paratrooper Pavel Filatiev)

‘Our Grandfathers’ Tactics’

In his book, the Russian commando reveals he and his comrades had no idea whatsoever they were invading another country until the early morning of February 24, when they started taking return fire from Ukrainian defenders.

Filatiev claims they were sent into foreign territory with no notification they were about to face enemy forces, even as they had been aware of media reports that an invasion of Ukraine may be imminent.

Only later did it become clear to him and the others in his unit that they moved into Ukraine and were attacking.

His memoir, which condemns the Russian war against Ukraine, reveals a striking picture of a Russian military with rusty old firearms, lacking food supplies, and short on painkillers and syringes.

Filatiev points out that, to top off all of that, the commanders of Russia have been using the “tactics of our grandfathers.”

This is a reference to the Second World War where the Soviet Union, i.e. Soviet Russia, fought off Nazis by sending vast numbers of soldiers to attack with no regard for the casualty rates.

The Russian paratrooper argues in his book that his country “had no moral right” to invade “another country.”

Filatiev also claims he knows few people who buy the official Putin regime propaganda that Ukrainians are “Nazis.” Most of the Russian military is disgruntled over what has been going on with the war.

The paratrooper, who says his old machine gun got jammed in the first days of the invasion, condemns the “terrible war” for causing the deaths of numerous “women, children, and the elderly.”

His book also includes an account of how starving Russian troops ravaged grocery stores and looted homes in the Ukrainian city of Kherson.

The book then reveals how he got discharged on medical grounds, but couldn’t get medical treatment from the Russian military.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.