Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Speaks Out Against COVID-19 Vaccine

Legendary NFL coach Bill Belichick usually holds his tongue during press conferences; however, he had a lot to say about the COVID-19 vaccine that has been mandated for NFL coaches and players.

It all started when a reporter asked if the Patriots released their Quarterback Cam Newton due to his vaccination status; to this, Belichick replied No.

After meditating on his thoughts a bit more, he went on to say the idea that vaccinating players will stop the spread of COVID-19 isn’t substantiated. He also explained the number of players and coaches that have tested positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated is quite a high number.

Belichick is right; as of right now, several players and coaches have contracted COVID-19, despite getting vaccinated.

The NFL Turned into a League of Authoritarian Rules

The NFL’s player association has been in constant battles with NFL executives; this is over the constant rules that have been pushed by the NFL regarding players’ vaccination statuses. Currently, the NFL is requiring all coaches and staff members to be vaccinated, whereas the players still have somewhat of a choice when it comes to getting vaccinated.

Players are allowed to refuse to get vaccinated, but the consequences will result in those players being required to take constant COVID-19 tests. Unvaccinated players will also not be allowed to ride on team planes or eat together with vaccinated teammates.

The NFLPA also investigated Jaguars’ head coach for reportedly taking into consideration a player’s vaccination status when making cuts to the Jaguars 53 main roster. As of right now, the Jaguars’ claim that vaccination status was not considered when making cuts. However, Coach Urban Meyer’s previous comments explaining that vaccination status was considered when making cuts has already let the cat out of the bag.

To add even more rules on top of the heavy regulations placed by the NFL, the league that has turned woke will now make teams forfeit if an unvaccinated player tests positive for COVID-19 before a game.

Many star players, such as DeAndre Hopkins, have spoken out against the rule, due to the fact the NFL is trying to portray unvaccinated players as “bad teammates”.

Even Governors are Coercing NFL Players to Get Vaccinated

Players have been coerced to get vaccinated from all sides: the news media, NFL executives, owners, coaches, and for some NFL players, governors are calling them out. NFL MVP Lamar Jackson, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens, was called out by Republican Governor Larry Hogan after Jackson tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time.

Gov. Hogan was quoted saying Lamar needs to get vaccinated. This was clearly not something he should’ve said, considering that as the governor of Maryland, you shouldn’t call out anyone personally. This is especially true when it comes to someone’s freedoms.