PBS Promotes Biden 2024 Amid Controversy Surrounding Hunter Biden

During PBS NewsHour’s weekly roundtable, Washington Post Associate Editor Jonathan Capehart and New York Times columnist David Brooks spent some time discussing President Biden’s forthcoming re-election bid.

Ignoring the week’s Hunter-related revelations, Brooks contended that Biden finds himself in an advantageous position, remarking, “There hasn’t been any conspicuous blunders, significant controversies, or the like.”

Democratic Reluctance About Biden Due to Age

Guest host Geoff Bennett shared the sentiment, arguing Biden’s 2024 prospects seem promising.

He observed, “President Biden’s supporters argue that his mere token primary opposition from author Marianne Williamson and anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. truly demonstrates his strength.”

Brooks concurred, maintaining that any polling showing Democratic reluctance about Biden is due to age, not policy.

He stated, “The midterm election more or less hushed all that. He’s appeared robust. He delivered an impressive State of the Union. There haven’t been any blatant gaffes, major scandals, or anything of that nature.”

Setting aside that only political enthusiasts like Brooks may still remember the State of the Union address, Biden frequently commits gaffes. For example, he recently told Irish leaders at a banquet that the U.S. and Ireland should “lick the world.”

IRS Whistleblower Accuses Hunter Biden of Preferential Treatment

As for scandals, only this week, an IRS whistleblower accused Hunter Biden of receiving “preferential treatment” while the federal government weighed four charges against him.

Moreover, House Republicans revealed the notorious letter by 51 former national security officials, claiming the Hunter Biden laptop story bore “all the classic earmarks” of Russian disinformation, didn’t stem from genuine concern among unbiased former officials.

Instead, it originated at the behest of the current Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.

Brooks did express dissatisfaction that despite “numerous commendable domestic policy accomplishments” and the fact “Republicans adopted rather radical stances on various issues, it remains relatively close.”

Later, the discussion turned to Fox News’ $787.5 million settlement with Dominion.

Bennett asked Capehart, “Jonathan, one wonders if an apology or an on-air retraction would even carry weight at this point, considering the election falsehood has been embedded. It forms the foundation of Trump’s 2024 re-election bid and he’s far ahead of any other Republican.”

Capehart ironically disseminated some inaccurate information about Fox News himself.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.