Nancy Pelosi’s Staffers are Reportedly Fleeing

As rumors of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s retirement are floating around Congress, more and more staffers of Pelosi are heading out the door.

The latest staffer to head off the sinking ship of Pelosi’s is executive director Jorge Aguilar. According to Breitbart, Aguilar has been by Pelosi’s side for over ten years.

Aguilar will now work for theGroup, which is an organization that advises stakeholders and members of the Democratic Caucus.

Some may say Aguilar’s exit is just a sudden career move, but Aguilar was Pelosi’s executive campaign director for her re-election efforts, which raises more eyebrows.

More on Staffers Fleeing Pelosi’s Office

Data revealed that over the last years, Pelosi’s had the highest staff turnover rating in Congress.

Pelosi has not addressed any retiring rumors, but staff members have been fleeing her office at a record rate. Previously, Pelosi had a low staff turnover rate, but starting last year, that all changed.

Pelosi will turn 82 years old in March; many Democrats believe it’s time for her to retire. Pelosi’s staffers are not the only ones leaving Congress, but a total of 24 Democratic lawmakers are also leaving Congress.

The big exodus by many Democrat lawmakers leaves many Republicans with the strong belief the House will have a Republican majority in the next election.

Pelosi isn’t the only Democrat lawmaker who is rumored to retire soon; 83 year old House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and 82 year old House Majority Whip James Clyburn are also rumored to be stepping down soon.

The slew of old Democrats in the House will create a major hole within the Democrat Party. Many Democrats fear progressives like AOC and her copycats will fill the gap to the Democrat’s demise.

Staffers are Also Leaving Kamala Harris

A new report from the White House revealed Kamala Harris lost another staffer who was her deputy director of engagements. Vincent Evans, in a tweet, stated he is leaving the vice president’s side to become the executive director of the Black Caucus.

Evans is just one of several staffers to leave Harris’ side within the last couple of months. Last month, the vice president’s chief spokesperson and communications director both called it quits.

According to an earlier CNN report, staffers are frustrated with Harris and have even gone as far as to call the working environment under the vice president toxic.

Gil Duran, a former staffer of Harris who worked for her in 2013, stated Harris is still creating toxic patterns.

Many staffers under Harris during this year, and in years past, have stated they felt totally burnt out after working for her. They say working alongside her was the worst time of their lives.

Hopefully, these staffers get book deals and write tell-all books.