Pelosi’s Shortcomings All Summed Up in an Hour-Long Documentary

Infamous House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said her final goodbyes to House Democrats last week. While the majority of us thought that’d be the last we’d see of her, she’s coming back sooner than expected, this time on the big screen.

As it turns out, her “trailblazing” career will be put on display in a documentary filmed and edited by her daughter, Alexandra, who used footage from over 20 years of her mother’s work to portray her in a positive sense.

Documentary on Pelosi’s career set to air on HBO

However, save for the few die-hard Democrats that will actually buy into this nonsense, no one in their right mind will be celebrating Pelosi’s accomplishments, especially now that she’s practically begging for money to spend on vanity projects.

The movie is set to premiere on HBO around three weeks before the GOP takes over the House. This also marks the end of Pelosi’s career as a House Speaker, as she’s more than likely to be replaced by House Minority Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

During her farewell speech, Pelosi stated she will no longer be seeking a leadership position, bringing an end to her 20-year-long reign of shepherding the Democrats’ woke agenda through Congress.

The documentary will span almost three decades and outline every up and down in Pelosi’s political career, starting with the day she was elected to Congress in 1987 all the way until Biden’s inauguration in 2021.

The overblown attack on Paul Pelosi

Despite being married to Nancy for 59 years at this point, it’s more than likely her husband, Paul Pelosi, won’t be included in the documentary, outside of a few minor appearances here and there.

It was barely a month ago when the left overexaggerated the attack on Paul in the Pelosi home, attempting to push Biden’s anti-Republican narrative that portrayed every conservative in the US as a terrorist and a threat to national security.

Even though the attack may not have been staged, it’d have been foolish to expect Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats not to milk this cow to no end; there are dozens of reports now that the intruder was actually looking for Nancy and not her husband.

Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra, isn’t new to directing documentaries though. She’s got a lengthy history of work with HBO, having worked on 14 different titles with the network in the past, the majority of them politically themed.

Even though she never received any awards, Alexandra was previously nominated for four Emmys for her 2002 movie “Journeys With George,” which went into full detail about George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign.

In contrast to Bush though, Pelosi has been in the establishment much longer. She has significantly less to show for it; with all the disdain the conservatives have for her, she had to have been doing something wrong.