Pentagon Confesses to Killing Aide Worker, 7 Children Instead of ISIS K Member

On August 26th, 13 US troops and over 100 Afghans were killed in a bomb blast outside of the Kabul airport. A few hours later, the Pentagon announced the explosion came from two ISIS K suicide bombers.

The Biden administration and the Pentagon vowed vengeance on ISIS K; then, less than 24 hours later, they launched a drone strike on an alleged “imminent threat.”

Pentagon Confesses to Killing Aide Worker, 7 Children Instead of ISIS K Member

The Pentagon claimed the airstrike took out an imminent threat and a member of ISIS K; yet, a bombshell report by the New York Times revealed the drone strike launched by U.S. forces actually killed an Afghan who was an aide worker.

Seven children and three other civilians were also killed because of the drone strike. After the New York Times exposed the Pentagon’s negligence, commander of U.S. Centcom Gen. Kenneth McKenzie offered his apologies for all Afghans who lost a loved one or a friend from the attack.

Gen. McKenzie then admitted the attack was a big mistake. However, many people believe the attack wasn’t a mistake, but a rather a hasty strike to act as if the Biden adminstartition was in control of Afghanistan when, in reality, the situation was utter chaos.

The Bombshell Report by the New York Times

The New York Times report on the drone strike in Afghanistan was more accurate than the Pentagon’s. Investigative journalists for the New York Times were able to obtain exclusive footage.

This footage showed Zemari Ahmadi, an Afghan who worked for a California NGO, delivering food and water all day to families who were in need.

The Pentagon, however, thought the water-filled canisters in his car were actually explosives. Therefore, they launched a drone strike on Ahamdi’s Toyota which killed him and 10 other innocent civilians.

After the strike took place, the Joint Chiefs of Staff publicly declared the strike was righteous. He claimed the civilians killed weren’t killed because of the drone strike, but because of the secondary explosion of the car filled with “explosives.” In reality, these so-called explosives were just water canisters.

Usually, the Pentagon never admits to their mistakes; yet, it looks like the New York Times exposed them, so they had to come clean.

Just imagine if there weren’t any journalists on the ground in Afghanistan. Who knows what the Pentagon would be saying about the withdrawal?

Biden even tried to lied, saying they killed an ISISI K member. Take a look at his tweet before it’s deleted:

President Trump Breaks His Silence About the Drone Strike

President Trump released a statement via a press release and called out Biden, along with the generals who were the masterminds behind the drone strike.

Trump wrote in his statement that Biden wanted to be portrayed as tough guy, being he surrendered to the Taliban. As a result, woke generals in Biden’s pocket launched a drone strike that killed innocent people.