Pentagon Looks to Feed Troops with Trash Turned to Protein

The Pentagon has raised many eyebrows in their latest research announcement.

A new program by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) called Cornucopia is aiming to turn air, electricity, water, and even leftover waste into food for US troops in faraway locations.

DARPA held an announcement on Wednesday, declaring they are open to working with research partners who are looking to test mobile systems. These systems should be able to convert electricity, air, water, and even carbon dioxide into microbes that produce food molecules.

A spokesperson for the project claimed the food will taste good and offer nutrition to troops. A DARPA official also stated it will free up extra space on cargo ships that food packages usually take up.

The new project is very similar to DARPA’s ReSource project which takes trash and turns it into edible food and other useful materials

More Details on Project ReSource

Project ReSource is turning material waste on base into lubricants, oils, and even food to eat. One experiment is literally taking trash the troops throw away in their garbage cans and turning it into protein powder.

The United States Defense Budget has a budget of over $750 billion dollars in the year 2021. However, instead of just paying extra for shipping additional food or stopping proxy wars in the Middle East, the Pentagon decided feeding troops trash is the solution to cut down on spending.

Recruiters are bound not to tell recruits about this for sure.

Bill Gates has been shilling synthetic meats for the last several years.

He (has) encourages\d people to eat plant-based burgers in order to save the environment. However, not even Bill Gates has pressed anyone to eat food made out of trash, at least not yet.

Other Incoming and Concerning DARPA Projects

One project by DARPA, called Advance Plant Technologies, aims to produce plants that are able to sensor the movements of people. The plants would also be able to detect nuclear, explosive, and biological threats.

It’s almost as if DARPA wants the movie, “The Happening” to occur in real life.

Another shady project that DARPA is developing is a technology that automatically combats social engineering threats on the web. So, essentially an AI Bot would be programmed to recognize threats by rhetoric or by malicious links and combat those threats.

This technology could be used for mass censorship, especially considering we all know the AI would be programmed to silence conservatives.

Overall, the military does too much spending on useless projects, such as shilling CRT on troops, rather than feeding American troops the much needed protein they require.

If this project goes live, then US prisoners would be eating better than American service members, which is just sickening.