Pentagon Will Require COVID-19 Vaccines for Military by Sept 15th

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin released a memorandum to all branches of the military; this memorandum declarers the Pentagon is working on a plan that will require U.S. military members to be vaccinated by September 15th.

Pentagon Will Require COVID-19 Vaccines for Military by Sept 15th

According to CNN, the memo also stated that the military must first wait until the Pfizer vaccine gets approved by the FDA; however, it went on to state if the vaccine isn’t approved by mid September, then the Department of Defense will seek to get a waiver from Biden. This waiver would allow the military to mandate the vaccine, despite it being labeled as a EUA.

So it’s clear that whether the FDA declares the vaccine safe or not, the DoD will mandate the vaccine. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley (who was called out by President Trump for being woke) stated that U.S. military members must be ready for duty at all times; therefore in order to enhance soldiers’ readiness, the general suggested that soldiers must be vaccinated.

More Details on the Memo Released by the Secretary of Defense

The memo released by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says that the Biden administration asked him when he would declare COVID-19 vaccines on the list of required shots for military members. He then went on to write that after consulting with other high ranking officials, they came to the collective decision to mandate the vaccine once the FDA is expected to approve its Pfizer version in mid September.

Lloyd Austin States That Vaccines are Safe

To conclude the memo, Lloyd Austin stated that all FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines are absolutely safe; this is a bold statement to make, considering the FDA has pages full of recalls they made, due to the fact the drug or food product they approved ended up being harmful after approval.

If you go on the FDA’s site now, you will see the drug Chantix is currently being recalled for having the potential risk of causing cancer in users. Guess what company Chantix is owned by? If you guessed Pfizer, you’d be right.

So for Lloyd Austin to speak so emphatically about a vaccine that has gone on record causing myocarditis in young adults under the age of 30 is just another example of how the military is rapidly being overtaken by woke politics.