American Trucker Convoy is Looking to Block D.C.’s Beltway

The Capital Beltway will be shut down, according to a leader from one of the trucking convoys going to Washington D.C. later this week.

In an interview on Sunday, Bob Bolus said, “We’ll be something along the Beltway, which will result in the Beltway shutting down.”

In Scranton, Bolus operates a truck repair and towing company. He said he’ll leave Pennsylvania early Wednesday, travel through Washington, D.C., and then proceed to the Beltway.

Bolus added, “I’ll give everyone an example of a big boa constrictor.” It basically squeezes, suffocates, and consumes you; that’s exactly what the convoy in D.C. is going to do.

Lindsay Watts of FOX 5 asked Bolus if he was aware of the effect on commuters and the danger to those who need emergency help.

“There will be a lane available for emergency services; they will be allowed to get around,” Bolus said. “We will not, in any way, jeopardize anyone’s safety or health. Oh, ugh, that’s too unfortunate if they can’t get to work.”

More Details on the Story

Bolus claimed he did not intend to be arrested when questioned on whether he was ready to be arrested. Bolus said he doesn’t know how many individuals will be joining him, but he has heard from thousands of people who are interested.

Truckers in Canada shut down Ottawa over COVID-19 standards. Bolus, a longtime Trump supporter, thinks the issues in the United States are far more complex, ranging from fuel costs to school vaccine mandates to immigration.

FOX 5 was the first to reveal how D.C. officers are preparing for the protests by limiting officers’ vacation time and assigning almost 500 officers to civil disturbance teams on a daily basis, beginning Wednesday.

Chief of Police Robert Contee said on Friday officers are cooperating with federal authorities.

The Protests Could Last Up to Three Days or More

Contee stated transportation will be disrupted, among other things. “I believe we should be open and honest with the people about some of the assumptions that have arisen as a result of what we’ve seen in Ottawa.”

Several groups are preparing truck convoys to Washington, D.C.; although it’s hard to say how long the protests will last. Bolus stated he intends to stay for a day or three. He claims he heard of more convoys planning to impede traffic on the Beltway.

State troopers in Maryland and Virginia were contacted by FOX 5 to see if they were aware of the intentions. MSP is aware of the situation and in contact with local law authorities, according to a statement.

“The Virginia State Troopers have been monitoring the situation and communicating with our local, state, and federal colleagues in the National Capital Region. We will continue to do so.”

This is common procedure whenever there is a risk of a large demonstration disrupting the efficient and safe traffic flow on Virginia highways, according to VSP.