Pfizer CEO: We Will Need Annual Vaccines to Continue Having a Normal Life

The masses were told to just get vaccinated and then everything would turn back to normal. However, now Pfizer’s CEO has declared getting fully vaccinated is not enough.

Now, people will more than likely have to be vaccinated annually. Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, predicted normal life will resume in about one year. Then, he contradicted himself by saying boosters shots will more than likely need to happen every year.

Pfizer CEO

According to the Associated Press, Pfizer is looking to make $26 billion dollars on COVID booster shot sales; that’s on top of the $33.2 billion dollars they have already made from the first doses of the vaccine.

President Trump, earlier in the year, declared that Pfizer’s CEO is just creating a money making operation when it comes booster shots.

The FDA officially approved booster shots for those at risk over 65. However, several FDA senior members have resigned due to the fact the Biden administration promoted the third jab before it even received approval from the FDA.

Pfizer Will Ask the FDA to Authorize Vaccinations for Children Ages 5-11

Pfizer’s CEO told ABC News in a interview that Pfizer is ready to ask for the FDA to authorize vaccinations for children 5 to 11 years old.

CEO Albert Bourla expects the company to file a request for authorization for 5 to 11 year-olds in days. This means many schools might implement a policy that requires students to be vaccinated in order to attend school.

Pfizer stated they already conducted a test on 11 year-olds and discovered they were able to develop strong antibody levels. Although Pfizer claims their vaccine are safe for children, their haunted past says parents shouldn’t trust them.

The Sinister Past of Pfizer Testing Vaccines on Nigerian Children

In 1996, Pfizer created a new antibiotic called Trovan and tested it on animals. The test results revealed the animals injected with Trovan suffered from severe life threatening injuries, such as joint disease, liver damage, and a slew of other abnormalities.

However these results didn’t stop Pfizer from going to Kano, Nigeria to test Trovan on Nigerian children who were patients at an infectious disease hospital. Pfizer’s representatives didn’t warn the parents of the children who were suffering from meningitis that their new antibiotic could be deadly.

The results were that 11 children died from the experiment. Meanwhile, others were left paralyzed, blind, and brain damaged.

The Nigerian children and their parents filed lawsuits against Pfizer in a federal court case called Abdullahi vs. Pfizer. Pfizer ended up paying over $75 million dollars to the Nigerians who were effected by Trovan but were subject to a confidentiality clause.

Can parents really trust a a billion dollar pharmaceutical company that lets their products on children who are living in poverty? Let’s hope not!