Pfizer Mulls Mutating COVID to Produce More Jabs, Undercover Video Shows

The world’s biggest COVID-19 vaccine producer, Pfizer, is considering deliberately “mutating” the coronavirus in order to be able to “preemptively” create more jabs against the strains it would make.

This reveals an undercover video shot by a journalist from the conservative activist group Project Veritas.

Pfizer is Mutating COVID-19 on Monkeys

The two biggest coronavirus mRNA vaccine makers, Pfizer and Moderna, appear to be by far the greatest beneficiaries of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have raked in billions and billions of profit and their shots do not even prevent virus transmission.

The new undercover video of Project Veritas journalists shows a secretly videotaped conversation with a Pfizer official.

They’re discussing the future development of more and more coronavirus vaccines and how Big Pharma companies employ control mechanisms over the staffers of US government regulators.

The Pfizer executive is Jordon Trishton Walker, the Director of Research and Development at Pfizer’s mRNA Scientific Planning and Strategic Operations.

The 10-minute video of the entire conversation shows Walker constantly giggling as he talks about how Pfizer is taking advantage of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the loopholes for recruiting former staffers of the US government regulator bodies.

In his arrogant candor, the Pfizer exec, whose laughter reminds of Kamala Harris’ trademark nervous chuckle, openly admits the Big Pharma corporation is presently considering mutating COVID-19 in its own labs.

According to Walker and his company’s twisted logic, that would allow Pfizer to predict the mutation of the virus “in nature.”

That way, it could be ready with the vaccines for its new subvariants “in advance,” unless, of course, the lab mutations get leaked and emerge among the public in their own right.

Walker confesses further that Pfizer scientists have been “optimizing” the virus mutation process, but will slow down their efforts since “everyone is very cautious” and the Big Pharma corporation doesn’t wish “to accelerate it too much.”

The executive admitted Pfizer doesn’t “want to advertise” that it is dealing with mutating the coronavirus.

Gigantic Big Pharma Cash Cow

“Don’t tell anyone,” begs the giggling Pfizer official, as he tells how the company is employing a method called “directed evolution.” This sounds very similar to “gain of function” research, the technique for enhancing viruses in a lab environment.

Walker reveals how his employer is infecting monkeys with COVID-19 and then using those to infect other monkeys in order to “direct” the virus’s evolution.

The Pfizer executive assumes COVID-19 appeared for the first time precisely that way as scientists in Wuhan, China, were using their labs to mutate. In the secretly taped conversation, Walker also declares the coronavirus pandemic has been a “cash cow” for Pfizer.

He also painted a bleak picture in which the staffers of American government regulators approving and permitting new drugs and vaccines do not want to be strict or harsh with the Big Pharma corporations.

Once they quit working for the government, they go and get lavish-paid jobs in those companies.

The Project Veritas video also shows scientist and author Dr. Robert W. Malone, who comments on the undercover tape and says the Pfizer executive seems to have “no moral compass” whatsoever.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.