Pfizer Reportedly Paid CNBC to Write Propaganda Piece About mRNA

The mainstream media has been slobbering over COVID-19 vaccines non-stop and now we have part of the reason why.

CNBC (which usually leans to the left side of the aisle) posted an article on Twitter that praised Pfizer for its mRNA advancements. However, towards the end of the tweet, there was a catch. The tweet ended with (paid post by Pfizer).

What is happening in the darkness is not even hidden anymore. CNBC is practically telling the world they are getting paid to push pro-Pfizer propaganda.

Just take a look at the original tweet:

If CNBC is getting paid by Pfizer, who else are they getting paid by? The move by CNBC is practically a scene out of The Godfather. Do you remember the part of the movie where Michael Corleone asks, “We got people in the newspapers, right?”

Well, it appears Pfizer is a modern-day pharmaceutical mafia that just pays off the press to write news stories that are flattering. Instead of reporting the adverse effects and Pfizer’s unethical past, journalists are getting paid to report fluff.

What Did the Article Say Exactly?

The article praised Pfizer for being the first vaccine ever to use mRNA technology. The article followed that statement up by saying the Pfizer vaccine was the first mRNA vaccine approved by the FDA.

The article then went on to explain what makes an mRNA vaccine different than a regular flu vaccine. So how is the mRNA vaccine different? Well, an mRNA vaccine doesn’t contain antigens.

Instead, it gives instructions to your body that direct DNA and RNA proteins to create antigens. So essentially, mRNA is a code that tells your body to produce antigens and then your immune system responds to that antigen.

Many are skeptical of mRNA vaccines because they believe “the instructions” that go into the body could cause negative effects that are unknown, due to the fact the vaccine is fairly new.

The Truth Doesn’t Make Money Apparently

The days of watching the news without any type of influence by billion-dollar corporations are over and have been for a while. Luckily in the days of the internet, you can practically find everything.

Although Google has shadow-banned a lot of sites and made them rank low on their search engine, you can still find them on the search engine DuckDuckGo.

The bigger question is how much Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies pay news networks not to cover a story. When the Hunter Biden story broke out, no liberal news network would even touch the story. Even Fox News kept a comfortable distance from it until the smoke settled a bit.

There’s a lot of fake news floating around. The mainstream media does report the truth at times, but it’s usually mixed with their opinion. Other times, it’s flat-out propaganda.

So make sure you do your own research and don’t just believe everything you read or see. Both the right and the left have been wrong in history.