Pfizer Scientist Exposed on Camera Admitting Natural Immunity Works Better Than Vaccines

Project Veritas always comes through with some very hard-nosed journalism that exposes the darkness running rampant in the world.

Project Veritas’ latest targets were three scientists who worked for Pfizer. The three scientists (who did not know they were being filmed) openly admitted natural antibodies are better than any COVID-19 vaccine.

A Project Veritas journalist was able to catch Pfizer scientist Nick Karl admitting when someone is naturally immune to COVID-19, they are more than likely going to have better antibodies than a person who has been vaccinated.

A second Pfizer scientist by the name of Chris Croce stepped in, saying you’re protected from COVID-19 longer if you have natural antibodies too.

The Pfizer Scientist Then Dropped a Bombshell

Scientist Chris Croce didn’t stop there, though; he continued and stated he works for an “evil corporation” that runs off of COVID money.

Croce continued to grill Pfizer; then, he went on to say all Pfizer cares about is profit and they’re not really in the business to really help people, but rather to make money off of them.

A Third Scientist Speaks Out

The undercover Veritas journalist was also able to interview Rahul Khandke, who serves as a scientist for Pfizer. He said he and his colleagues had to sit through so many seminars, almost to the point of them being brainwashed. Rahul declared during the COVID seminars, he was told he couldn’t speak about the vaccine to the general public.

This isn’t Project Veritas’ first rodeo in exposing large corporations, such as Pfizer. Earlier in the year, Project Veritas exposed a CNN producer for admitting the media company purposely keeps a COVID-19 death tracker on the screen to gain more viewers.

CNN since switched to a vaccine counter which aims to persuade people to get vaccinated. Facebook has also gotten exposed by Project Veritas, due to the fact James O’Keefe was able to obtain evidence from a whistleblower.

The documents O’Keefe obtained revealed that Facebook had a plan to launch an initiative to target all posts that share vaccination concerns and label them as misinformation.

Veritas was also able to prove Facebook intentionally started a vaccine hesitancy campaign that aimed to shadowban any posts that talk about the negative effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The whistleblower who gave O’Keefe the documents was ultimately fired; as we see today, their journalistic effort was spot on. Facebook has been banning and hiding all posts that even remotely talk about vaccines in a negative light.

Most of you already know about how the vaccine can have some harmful effects. With that being said, a lot of our readers here at Our Patriot also are aware that natural antibodies are more effective than vaccines too. However, it’s always refreshing to hear it from the other camp!

Watch Project Veritas completely expose Pfizer right here: