Pfizer Will Produce New COVID-19 Pills

Pfizer officially announced that they’re conducting early-stage trials for new pills that will help treat COVID-19. The billion-dollar pharmaceutical company, so far, has over 1,000 participants willing to take the pills; this will happen as Pfizer conducts tests to measure the effectiveness and safety of the pill.

Pfizer has gone on record saying that taking COVID-19 pills, along with getting vaccinated, is what is needed in order for the United States to overcome the pandemic once and for all.

The company also mentioned they are conducting two tests which are collecting data on the effectiveness of the pills against hospitalized COVID-19 patients and those whose symptoms are less severe.

Many believe Pfizer’s pills are just a scam and a way for the company to make more money. Others believe that Pfizer’s pills will be more successful in fighting COVID than Remdesivir infusions.

FDA Senior Vaccine Regulators Have Resigned

Just a week after the Pfizer vaccine got full approval from the FDA, two senior vaccine regulators resigned. Director Marion Gruber and Deputy Director Phil Krause have both written resignation letters to the FDA; they will step down in October and November.

NBC News noted that the two vaccine regulators both resigned just days after the Biden administration declared they would issue Pfizer vaccine booster shots without getting a review from the FDA first. Insiders also noted that both Gruber and Krause are frustrated at the fact the CDC is now calling the shots, instead of the FDA.

This move by FDA regulators is unprecedented; it also really goes to show the Biden administration doesn’t really “trust the science,” but rather they trust the money they can make with lobbyists.

Trump Speaks Out on Pfizer’s Booster Shot

President Trump, last month in an interview with Fox News, stated he believes the booster shot being pushed by Pfizer is just a scheme to make money. He went on to say that the extra shot that is being promoted by Pfizer is simply an operation that could take in billions of dollars.

The mainstream media and big-time politicians have been pushing the vaccines for the last couple of months. If you went over to, you would be able to find out which pharmaceutical companies donate to which politicians.

For example, Pfizer gave over $19,000 in political donations to GOP Senator Mitch McConnell. Pfizer has practically given money to every member in the House and Senate who has not spoken out against them.

Politicians are not only being bought out by pharmaceutical companies, but also they are seeing big donations from Google and Facebook as well. Both Google and Facebook have been banning a large number of people who post information about the Pfizer vaccine that is in contrast to what the mainstream media has been reporting.