Plucky Ukraine Deals Incredible Blow to Russia for Putin’s Birthday

(Social media video snapshot)

Ukraine dealt an unbelievable blow to its invader Russia by blowing up the vast bridge connecting the Russian mainland with the occupied Crimean Peninsula.

This is preventing Russians from supplying their troops in Kherson as a special present for the 70th birthday of bloodthirsty Moscow dictator Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s Favorite Project Goes Off Right After His Birthday

The Crimean Bridge has been absolutely vital as a route for supplying Russian invaders in Southern Ukraine, particularly in the Kherson region, as it was safe from Ukrainian guerrillas.

As Ukrainian defenders have gained the initiative in the war, they’re inflicting terrifying losses upon Putin’s hordes.

There have been speculations that Ukraine may seek to strike the Crimean bridge with some kinds of missiles in order to destroy and greatly hurt the Russian war effort.

Ukrainian officials and commentators, however, have been pointing out they just didn’t possess the means to do so. Any missiles they have are with a limited range, including the US-supplied HIMARS missiles, whose range is only 50 miles.

Yet, Ukrainians appear to have resolved this problem in quite an ingenious manner. They have now severely damaged the Crimean Bridge, practically destroying an entire section of it – but they did not use missiles to accomplish this.

(Social media video snapshot)

The Bridge is Only ‘the Beginning’

A giant explosion erupted on the Crimean Bridge around 7 am local time (midnight EST) on Saturday morning.

Several railroad oil tankers caught fire, while an entire section of the parallel highway broke off the bridge and collapsed into the sea, as videos and images from the site have shown.

The blast occurred hours after Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin celebrated his 70th birthday. The attack occurred after Russia claimed that the Crimean Bridge is totally protected, including with combat-trained attack dolphins.

Among other consequences, the explosion led the residents of Crimea to form long lines for fuel, even though Moscow claimed the peninsula had two weeks’ worth of fuel.

Even though the bridge was supposedly protected by explosives through a high-tech scanner for trucks, footage has emerged online showing the truck believed to have caused the blast got briefly searched before it was allowed on the bridge.

Senior Ukrainian officials refused to confirm or deny whether the nation’s government is behind the attack. However, there were hints the blast was caused by Ukrainian intelligence, particularly the Ukrainian Security Service.

Russia’s Ministry of Transport announced on Saturday afternoon that it was carrying out restoration works on the Crimean Bridge and their progress would be duly reported.

The destruction of the bridge sparked fears and speculations that Putin could immediately resort to attacking Ukraine with nuclear weapons in retaliation. This is a move that is certain to bring into the war the United States and its allies from the NATO alliance.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.