President Biden Calls for Diligence at Delaware University Graduation Ceremony

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

In a recent outing, President Joe Biden found himself speaking in front of a massive crowd at the University of Delaware. He called for America’s youth to get involved in public life and be a part of the country’s future.

That’s if there’s a country left by the time he’s done.

Biden seems to be out of touch with how the world works in this day and age, which is evident by his poor decision-making when it comes to running the country.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

The future is now, old man

He claimed this generation of students was graduating at a defining time, urging the students to stay off the sidelines and press on like never before, likely being well aware he’d done nothing to make it easier for them.

Biden addressed the unique obstacles this generation faced over the past four years, from early 2020 WW3 upset to a global pandemic that “threatened to end life as we know it.”

Then, Biden was back to WW3 fearmongering on media platforms.

The past two years have certainly been a rollercoaster and the outlook for the future isn’t seeming too good either.

America has once again found itself in a high-inflation climate; the only method that could prove effective is the one that risks shifting the already weakened economy into a recession.

He’s not too wrong about one thing, though. The past four years have shown the latest generation things beyond their comprehension.

Despite so many of these radical changes to how they perceived education and college life, a majority of the latest generation managed to power through the hardships.

Biden steers clear of the topic, once again

As always, the president then went on to one of his gaffes, reminiscing his early political career.

This was when Biden was fresh out of college and eager to fight for civil rights, somehow attempting to draw a tangent between the two periods over 60 years apart.

Biden then criticized some prominent leading figures, not naming anyone specifically, but instead referring to them as those who breathe under the rock where the hate is hiding.

This is a sentence that might take experts more than decades to decipher properly.

After finishing the college story which is often ripe with new details every time he touches on the topic, Biden weighed in on the Uvalde shootings, claiming Ramos’ actions were an act of pure evil and hatred.

Despite all the tragedies that have befallen the American education system in recent months though, Biden kept his chin up.

He told the graduating class to do the same, as they’re the only hope for America’s future, and possibly the final attempt at setting the country on a brighter path.

Biden then praised the youngest generation for being among the most generous and tolerant while maintaining a high scale of knowledge, setting records in United States history books.