President Trump Calls for Senator Mitch McConnell to be Ousted

President Trump has been calling for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to be replaced for a very long time now; his call for McConnell to be ousted has increased even more.

In a recent interview, President Trump called for McConnell to be ousted from his Senate seat. This came after McConnell and 11 other Republicans voted with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling by over $480 billion dollars.

Trump, in his interview with Sean Hannity, was quoted saying, “Mitch is not the guy for the job; in fact, he’s not doing any job.” Trump continued by saying McConnell practically gave Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer a lifeline.

Trump followed that statement up by saying the Republican Party needs new leadership and RINOs, such as McConnell, need to be voted out of office in the 2022 primaries.

Trump is right; the old conservative party led by figures like Bush, McConnell, and McCain are over. The new Republican Party led by Trump is just beginning!

Who Sided with McConnell to Raise the Debt Ceiling?

McConnell wasn’t the only one who voted to raise the debt ceiling; 11 other Republicans followed his awful leadership. The 11 others were the following: Sens. Richard Shelby, Shelley Moore Capito, John Cornyn, Mike Rounds, Susan Collins, Rob Portman, Roy Blunt, Lisa Murkowski, John Barrasso, and Senate Minority Whip John Thune.

The new debt ceiling will prevent a government shutdown and be able to fund all federal options until the end of December. Instead of coming up with a real solution, Democrats and RINOs keep putting together emergency packages that have kickbacks for Democrats and their donors.

Mitch McConnell’s Ties to China

Mitch McConnell has received several big donations for his campaign from his wife’s relatives that have pure connections to the CCP. Mitch McConnell’s wife is Elaine Chao and her family owns the Foremost Group in China.

Throughout the years, the Foremost Group has done business with the CCP and has bought ten huge cargo ships from Communist China’s state-run businesses within the last two years.

That’s not all though; McConnell’s in-laws (who own the Foremost Group) have given McConnell over $5 million to $25 million worth of donations within the last few years, which tripled McConnell’s net worth. As most of you know, large donations like that usually come with a few favors behind them.

McConnell also bailed on Trump when Trump needed him the most. McConnell refused to even mention election fraud at all. He then moved even further away from Trump after the Capitol riot took place and started getting closer with Democrats.

At this point in time, the Republican Party could lose all its future voters if McConnell continues to be the face of the Republican Senate. Time will ultimately tell.