President Trump Hints at Running in 2024 in Thanksgiving Message

President Trump released his annual Thanksgiving message; in this address, he gave Americans a hint that he’s running in 2024.

Trump began his statement by telling Americans not to worry because the United States will never break. The 45th president went on to say we are living in unprecedented times, but there’s no doubt we will be great again.

That wasn’t all, though. Trump went on to tell Americans to enjoy their Thanksgiving because wonderful times are coming soon. Many political analysts speculate the good times that lie ahead entail Trump running for the White House in 2024.

Flashback: Trump Visits Troops in Afghanistan

Last year, President Trump took a trip to Afghanistan to celebrate Thanksgiving with members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Trump, at one point, was even serving the troops Thanksgiving platters.

During his visit, Trump told the troops he was in talks with the Taliban and in the midst of brokering a deal with them. Trump then went on to tell the troops America was going to stay until we had a deal or stay until we achieved victory.

Trump ended up reaching a deal with the Taliban and they respected the deal too. However, when Biden got in office, the Taliban had no respect for him. Therefore, they double-crossed the United States the moment we started to withdraw troops.

Trump would go on to tell the troops Americans are thankful for them and they are appreciated. The troops’ reaction was priceless, due to the fact the visit was done in complete secrecy.

Biden Spent Thanksgiving at a Billionaire’s Home

According to the New York Post, Biden spent his Thanksgiving with his family at the home of a billionaire in Nantucket. The billionaire’s home Biden ended up staying at belonged to David Rubenstein. Rubenstein is a private equity tycoon who co-founded the Carlyle Group.

Rubenstein is worth close to $4.6 billion. The Carlyle Group itself holds over $293 billion worth of assets. Biden previously spent Thanksgiving at Rubenstein’s home in 2014. Biden’s son, Hunter, also made the trip to Nantucket.

According to the Farm Bureau, under the Biden administration, Thanksgiving dinners cost 14% more than they did last year under the Trump administration. Also, the price of a turkey increased by at least one dollar more.

Previously, the Biden administration bragged about how a 4th of July cookout was down by 16 cents from last year, which was almost laughable. This year, however, they conveniently forgot to mention how much Thanksgiving would cost Americans.

Regardless though, as Americans, we should be thankful we don’t live in a communist state where we can’t even criticize our leader. If you don’t like Biden, you can talk about him all you want.

The feds will not be knocking down your doors.