President Trump Meets Up with Kyle Rittenhouse

President Trump had Kyle Rittenhouse as a guest at his Mar-a-Lago estate yesterday. A picture of the two is making its way around the web, which raised a lot of praise and backlash.

Trump also talked about his visit with Rittenhouse in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Trump said what Kyle Rittenhouse went through was prosecutorial misconduct. The former president also made it clear Rittenhouse should’ve never gone through a trial because it was clear he was defending himself.

Furthermore, Trump stated if Rittenhouse didn’t shoot one of the rioters, then they would’ve shot him dead first.

More Details Behind the Visit

Trump stated Rittenhouse was a fan of his and went on to call him a nice guy. Rittenhouse went to Mar-a-Lago with his mother and the two would end up getting pictures with the 45th president also.

Last week, Rittenhouse was found not guilty of every charge filed against him. This isn’t the first time Rittenhouse has shown that he is a Trump supporter, though.

Last year, before the Kenosha riots occurred, Rittenhouse reportedly went to a Trump rally in Iowa. After seeing the video of Rittenhouse shooting two rioters dead and injuring another, Trump immediately stated it looked like ‘Rittenhouse [was] being chased.’

He would go on to support Rittenhouse by saying the then-17-year-old acted in self-defense.

Trump Speaks Out About Waukesha

According to the New York Post, Trump called the Waukesha killer (who slaughtered six people while driving a red SUV through a crowd of people) a rough cookie.

Trump then went on to tell Sean Hannity that Darrell Brooks should have never been released from jail in the first place. Brooks is currently being charged with five counts of first-degree homicide.

Moreover, a sixth charge could be coming his way after a six-year-old died in the hospital after being run over by Brooks. Brooks has a long rap sheet, too. His most recent arrest involved him allegedly punching and running over the mother of his child.

The disgraced, aspiring rapper would end up getting $1,000 bail and be set free. Just a few weeks later, Brooks would go on to run over more people. This just goes to show the weakness of Democrat district attorneys who give everyone a get out of jail free card.

Trump went on to say it is very good news indeed that Darrell Brooks hated him. Trump’s comment was in reference to Brooks’ song, in which lyrics contained derogatory remarks towards him.

Brooks not only made negative comments about Trump, but also shared anti-Semitic and other racist posts on his Facebook account. Brooks’ posts led many people to believe this was a hate crime, rather than just a car crash.