President Trump Releases Details About Arizona Audit at Georgia Rally

President Trump’s latest rally in Perry, Georgia was absolutely electric! Trump took the stage in front of a packed out crowd; he then revealed the official results from the Maricopa County audit.

Right before Trump announced the results of the audit, he railed against Fox News and CNN for only reporting a minuscule amount of the audit that favored Biden. Trump said Fox News and CNN left out the fact that over 44,000 illegal ballots were discovered by the audit.

President Trump Releases Details About Arizona Audit at Georgia Rally

After exposing the fake news that has been floating around, Trump got right to business. He declared 23,344 mail-in ballots were cast from voters’ prior address, rather than their current address.

He went on to state that 5,295 voters in Maricopa County voted in other counties. That wasn’t all, though. Mr. 45 revealed that 9,041 more mail-in ballots were cast than sent out.

Trump later went on to mention there were hundreds of dead people who voted in the 2020 election. The former president also announced Dr. Shiva’s findings of over 17,000 ballots found in Maricopa County too.

More Details About Trump’s Rally in Perry, Georgia

Before Trump took the stage, his close friend and former NFL star Herschel Walker was welcomed on stage. Walker then officially announced he was running for the Senate. Walker is looking to dethrone Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock and give Republicans the majority in the Senate.

Shortly after Walker left the stage, Trump took the platform and blasted Biden for the thousands of illegal immigrants who are currently crossing the US-Mexico border. Trump called the outpouring of illegal immigrants an “invasion” against the United States. He elaborated and said that our great country has now turned into a migrant camp.

Trump Honors Fallen Heroes

Trump asked the organizers of his Save America rally to leave 13 seats open in the first row. This was in remembrance of the 13 US troops who lost their lives in Kabul, Afghanistan. On top of the seats were 13 roses to pay respect for soldiers making the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Trump also paid respect to Marine Hunter Clark and invited him on stage to speak. Lance Corporal Hunter Clark went viral after a picture of him lifting a baby over a wall at the Kabul airport was released

Soon after Lance Corporal Clark left the stage, Trump bashed Biden for his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. The 45th president went on to slam Biden for leaving over $85 billion dollars worth of equipment and the Bagram airport completely deserted.

Trump then speculated that China will soon take over the Bagram airbase, so they can have more of a presence in Afghanistan. Trump’s not just talking out of his head, either; while the US evacuated their billion dollar embassy, China never left and stayed put.