President Trump Releases Special Message on Kabul Terrorist Attack

President Trump released a special message addressed to U.S. service members and the heartbroken families who have just lost a loved one in the recent terrorist attack at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

Trump started off his message by paying homage to the brave U.S. troops who lost their lives in Afghanistan, defending the lives of Afghans and American citizens who were seeking evacuation flights.

President Trump Releases Special Message on Kabul Terrorist Attack

The 45th president went on to say that the tragedy should’ve never happened and it wouldn’t have happened if he was serving as president. Trump also stated that together, we should pray to God and ask for the 18 other wounded U.S. service members to make a full recovery. Trump ended his message by saying God bless America and then soon after went on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News.

Trump’s Interview With Sean Hannity

In Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity, he said the tragic events that occurred in Afghanistan are the result of the Biden administration making one of the dumbest moves in the United States military history.

He then criticized Biden for removing the troops before all American citizens were withdrawn and then sending the troops back when the Taliban completely took over Kabul. Trump didn’t stop there, though; he then made reference to a statement from Biden during his press conference.

The statement Trump referred to was when Biden said there were no U.S. service members killed when Trump struck a deal with the Taliban. Watch the moment Biden admitted it here:

I don’t think Biden even knows he complimented Trump in this video.

Trump Slammed General McKenzie

In his interview, Trump made sure every “woke” general was called out; one of those “woke” generals was Centcom Commander General Frank McKenzie. McKenzie went on national television and declared that the Taliban is doing a good job helping to protect Americans. Trump wasn’t telling a fib, either; General McKenzie literally said that the Taliban is protecting us.

Just watch:

It appears the White House and the Pentagon trust the Taliban so much they even gave the terrorist organization a list of American names and Afghan names that the Taliban should let through to the airport.

Therefore, it appears the United States government is buddies with the Taliban. This is the same Taliban was literally attempting to kill our troops on a daily basis before Trump signed a peace deal with them last year.

Many are calling the list that was given to the Taliban a “hit list,” due to the fact the Taliban cannot be trusted. Even if Americans get a free pass from the Taliban, our Afghan allies will be left for dead. It’s only been seven months and the Biden administration is showing us how much they can destroy a country in such little time.