Trump Tells Alabama Crowd Biden Totally Surrendered in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump held a Save America Rally on Saturday in Cullman, Alabama. He also had a lot to say regarding Biden’s botched troop withdrawal in Afghanistan. Trump told the massive crowd that Biden didn’t withdraw troops in Afghanistan, but instead, he totally surrendered to the Taliban.

Trump Tells Alabama Crowd Biden Totally Surrendered in Afghanistan

Trump blasted Biden for surrendering military bases, the billion-dollar U.S. Embassy, a large number of weapons, and for completely stranding U.S. citizens in Afghanistan. The 45th president defined Biden’s surrender as the most humiliating U.S. military operation in U.S. history.

As Trump started talking about Biden’s incompetence, many members of the crowd screamed loudly “we need you back,” which couldn’t be more true. Trump also let the crowd know what he would’ve done; Trump stated that he would’ve withdrawn all U.S. citizens first, then withdrawn all troops and followed that up by bombing military bases in Afghanistan.

More of Trump’s Comments on Afghanistan

The New York Post covered the rally in Alabama; they reported that Trump told his faithful base that he believes the U.S. Embassy will have a Taliban flag raised above it on September 11th of this year.

Trump’s prediction is not too outlandish, considering a recent picture that has gone viral on Twitter. This image shows members of the Taliban with U.S. military gear on, mocking the iconic scene of U.S. World War II soldiers hoisting the American flag.

Just take a look at the laughingstock America has become in the eyes of the world:

The number of U.S. soldiers who lost their lives in the Afghanistan war is 2,352; the families of those who lost their loved ones’ hearts are bursting with sadness when they have to look at images of the Taliban mocking U.S. troops.

In other areas of Afghanistan, the Taliban is throwing parades with all of their fighters wearing U.S. military gear. If you haven’t noticed already, some of the liberal media has been throwing shots at Biden because even they cannot cover up the mess he created.

Trump Bashes U.S. Woke Generals

Although Biden was mostly called out during Trump’s rally in Alabama, woke generals didn’t get off scot-free. Trump boldly called out General Mark Milley for bowing down to the woke crowd instead of focusing on his duties as a general.

Just to refresh your memory, when the Taliban was capturing city after city in Afghanistan, Gen. Milley was standing before Congress defending critical race theory. 45 then proceeded to ask his supporters whether General Patton was woke or not.

Before the crowd could answer, Trump went on to say Patton wasn’t woke because he was a winner and generals who are woke are losers. The rally concluded with the crowd going wild when Trump walked off stage as the classic song “Sweet Home Alabama” played.