President Trump Warns of Potential War with China

President Trump said in his latest press release the United States could indeed end up in a war with China. Trump backed up his claims by stating China no longer fears us or respects us. This now leads Trump to believe China and the U.S. could start bumping heads at any moment.

The 45th president went on to say China was joyfully watching America’s military generals surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan; the Chinese were even shocked the U.S. would just leave over $85 billion worth of equipment in their enemies’ hands.

Trump went on to add that both China and Russia are communicating with the Taliban; they are now reverse-engineering American-made weapons and vehicles so they can start making them too.

China was the only country that did not abandon its embassy in Afghanistan; rather, they stayed put. This goes to show the Taliban and China are already looking to work together in the near future.

More on Trump’s Press Release

Trump went on to warn Americans in his letter and blast Democrats for stealing the election. He then said the disaster that occurred in Afghanistan derives straight from election fraud.

Trump isn’t just speaking rhetoric, either; as of right now, China’s economy is crumbling before our very eyes. Electricity is being shut off all over; banks have major economic problems and can no longer pay their debts.

This is causing millions of investors’ complete life savings to be wiped out. So, to get their economy up and running again, more than likely, China will try to increase their natural resources and exploit different countries that are incapable of protecting themselves.

China Conducting Military Exercises Close to Taiwan

In the last few months, the CCP’s military has been increasing its military presence in Taiwan; this happened after the United States showed we aren’t willing to protect our allies and our own people.

A spokesperson for the CCP last month even emphatically mocked Taiwan; they told Taiwan to not rely on the U.S. because we will end up leaving them as we did in Afghanistan.

Last week alone, over 150 warplanes were sent into Taiwan’s air defense zone, which is no small military exercise by any means. Their Navy has also been conducting exercises very close to Taiwan’s shores too.

As Trump said, we could wake up one day with the biggest story not being about Fauci, what Pelosi said, or another Biden gaffe; we could instead wake up to news that would change the world forever.

That news would be a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. The minute that attack took place, the U.S. would have to make a decision to retaliate and keep our superpower status or hand over our superpower reign to China.