President Trump Warns The Taliban Might Use Stranded Americans As “Hostages”

President Trump answered more questions about Afghanistan in his interview with Fox News’ host Sean Hannity than Biden has answered the entire week. In Trump’s latest interview with Hannity, Trump blasted the Biden administration for the complete mess he created in Afghanistan.

He then stated that the videos that have surfaced of Afghan citizens falling off a U.S. aircraft 2,000 feet in the air are way worse than the images of helicopters evacuating people on top of the the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam.

President Trump Warns The Taliban

Trump then continued and stated that the 10,000 American citizens who are unable to get to the airport will more than likely be used by the Taliban as hostages. Trump’s comments came after Secretary of Defense spokesperson John Kirby announced there were close to 10,000 American citizens left in Afghanistan without any way to get to the airport in Kabul.

As of right now, the Taliban has checkpoints set up all across the Afghanistan; if any American attempts to make their way to the airport, it could result in them being taken in as a prisoner or, even worse, killed.

More Details on Trump’s Interview With Hannity

In the interview, Trump went on to say that Biden’s withdrawal plan is a military embarrassment worse than President Carter’s hostage situation in Iran. The 45th president declared that he had a very strong conservation with Taliban leader Mullah Baradar and let him know what the consequences were if the Taliban decided to not keep their word regarding a cease fire agreement.

The consequences were that if the Taliban put any American citizens in harms way, then the Taliban will be hit with a force that has never been seen before. Trump went on to tell Hannity that he also told Baradar that he knew where his house was located.

Trump’s strong rhetoric is what the Taliban needs to hear at this moment, not Biden’s excuses. The Biden administration has made America look softer than ever and it’s all because the free world is being led by a leader who is unable to do his job.

Bush Also Called Out for Starting War in Afghanistan

Trump told Hannity that the decision to go to the Middle East was the worst decision in American history; he followed that statement by saying the Bushes won’t like him for saying that, but it’s true. He then continued his statement by explaining the Middle East is worse now than it was 20 years ago.

Last night on Hannity, Trump looked like the true president of the country and addressed the situation for what it is, a disaster. America will be continued to be tested and as the weeks go on, you’re going to see China and Russia both test the weak Biden administration; the Afghanistan crisis has completely exposed them and the dictators of the world have taken notice.