Pro-trans Protesters in Florida Embarrassing the US Once More

It doesn’t take a lot to rile up the trans community. More often than not, the jokes write themselves, which is probably what everyone’s been thinking after the latest meeting where a protester injected himself with a syringe.

The woman in question, if you’re willing to call IT a woman, decided he’d once been a trans youth and with the help of transitioning therapy, he’s allowed to be a proper 22-year-old transgender adult.

Florida pro-trans protester claims she contemplated suicide at the age of two

After saying it’s part of their healthcare, the person in question proceeded to take out a syringe, likely filled with saline solution, and inject themselves with it.

The entire crowd at the Tallahassee meeting gasped at the horrific sight, giving the blue-haired person what they’d wanted all their life, a sliver of attention.

The others who stepped forth to speak weren’t much better off than the self-injecting blue-haired “girl” before them. One of them tried to convince those present that they’d attempted suicide at the ripe age of two.

13 years later, they tried to slice off both of their breasts, after which they were taken to the ER in order to stop the bleeding.

It’s almost as if every form of psychotic behavior these days gets labeled as gender dysphoria, which is what leads to these kids undergoing irreversible gender reassignment surgery.

Despite the damage these surgeries are clearly doing to our nation’s youth, many have stepped up against Florida’s decision to ban these therapies for youth, the majority of the bill’s opponents likening the decision to something they’d expect in Nazi Germany.

Where did we go wrong?

However, there’s no good way to go about the matter, other than outright banning gender reassignment therapy. Clinics will always try to provide it to young adults who are willing to put their whole life on the line for the sake of a fad.

Yes, we’re calling it a fad, because there’s no chance in hell that our kids are just deciding they’re transgender in such massive numbers out of nowhere. The leftist media is to blame for the majority of it.

Exposing children to materials that normalize this sort of behavior from a young age is what leads them to believe their problems can all be pinned on them being “trans,” even though they’re just kids going through what we all went through at one point.

Among the most commonly discussed drugs that are part of this therapy are puberty blockers, which are administered to young men and women looking to transition chemically before undergoing genital surgery.

We’ve strayed so far from the preferred path that we’re now talking about mutilating our children’s minds and genitals, almost like it’s a normal thing. What’s even more concerning is a growing number of parents are willing to support their child’s decisions to perform these horrible acts on their bodies.

It was barely a decade ago when a nose piercing was controversial. Here we are, miles apart from the world we’d once lived in, stuck in a world ruled by the left and their divisive, controversial, and outright damaging opinions.