Project Veritas Exposes Another Alleged Pedophile at CNN

For the second time this month, a CNN producer is being accused of crimes involving pedophilia. Project Veritas just exposed a CNN producer who was involved in alleged pedophilic acts.

According to Project Veritas, Rick Saleeby, a producer for The Lead with Jack Tapper, is being accused of attempting to solicit sexual photos of a young girl from her mother.

The mother also stated Saleeby described how he was going to sexually abuse her daughter in a recorded message.

The mother talked to James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, exclusively. She stated Saleeby would say the absolute most horrific things about his girlfriend’s daughter.

At one time, Salleby reportedly stated how he was looking at his girlfriend’s daughter’s swimsuit in an inappropriate way. Saleeby also was recorded allegedly describing how he was going to force a minor to perform oral sex on him.

Watch the exclusive interview here:

More Details on the Story

Project Veritas waited to report the CNN’s producer’s name until they knew all members of the parties who were victims were safe. O’Keefe also reached out to CNN for a comment but as usual, when one of their staffers are involved in horrific crimes, CNN was silent on the matter.

Instead of speaking out on the allegation, Jake Tapper, the host of the show that Saleeby produced, was very silent on the matter. He even decided to tweet about Trump instead.

Another CNN Producer Arrested for Sexually Abusing Children

CNN producer John Griffin was just arrested on Monday in Connecticut for flying out Heather Carriker and her adoptive daughter for pedophilic sex training.

Griffin allegedly performed BDSM sexual activities, which involved Carriker’s adoptive daughter. Carriker was arrested in 2020 for the action, but Griffin was not touched for 17 months; he was still working for CNN, despite having his devices seized by authorities.

On Monday, Griffin was terminated, but it was a year and a half too late. The revelations about all of this came to light after the young girl’s birth mother discovered a large number of messages about sex toys and BDSM on her daughter’s phone from an unidentified man.

After an investigation, the text messages were reportedly from CNN producer John Griffin. CNN has a major problem within their network.

Furthermore, if the executives remain quiet when it comes to their staffers’ criminal activities, then it shows they are complicit in their actions.

Maybe instead of constantly reporting about January 6th, they should be reporting the utter filth which is being deployed within their network.

Let’s remember that in the next several months, there are bound to be more CNN employees exposed. Therefore, if any producer or host resigns or retires abruptly, we all know why.