Psaki Puts Blame For Illegal Immigration Tsunami on Trump’s Border

Using a highly perplexing rationale, Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, claimed President Trump’s unfinished wall on the border with Mexico – and not its absence – is to blame for the growing tsunami of illegal immigration.

‘Down with the Wall, Let’s Bring In More Illegals, Please’

The obvious logic would have it that a lack of natural or man-made barriers would make it far easier for illegal immigrants to invade the United States.

That certainly isn’t obvious to the Biden administration, though.

Speaking on Monday, Biden’s press secretary went on a full-fledged rant about how instead of erecting a real barrier, America should have instead “pursued immigration reform.”

Of course, the Marxist Biden administration is presently managing to resettle high numbers of third world people into the United States even without immigration reform.

Even more bizarrely, Psaki claimed Trump’s wall would never have “worked.” She said this regardless of numerous examples that such facilities are highly effective as long as they are completed, properly manned, and managed.

Instead of the wall costing billions of dollars, according to Psaki, America should be dealing with “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Naturally, Biden’s PR stooge didn’t explain how comprehensive the reform is supposed to be if all of Latin America all of sudden decides to settle in the United States.

‘It Wasn’t Us, It Was Texas’

Psaki’s rant during her Monday press briefing came after she was asked earlier about the case of Bishop Evans, a member of the Texas Army National Guard who lost his life trying to save two illegals crossing the Rio Grande.

Instead of having any kind of adequate response when asked whether she felt responsible for Evans’ death, Psaki dwelled on the fact the guardsman was part of the border response implemented by Texas’ GOP Governor Greg Abbott.

Psaki kept emphasizing how the guardsman was “directed” there by the state of Texas, “not by” the federal government.

Biden’s press secretary was unable to say whether the Democrat president contacted the family of the 22-year-old Evans or is yet to do so.

Psaki did have the decency to acknowledge the National Guard members are risking their lives constantly “to protect others.”

She did this while keeping quiet about the fact they wouldn’t have to risk their lives if her far-left boss had not created the biggest illegal immigration crisis in US history.

Instead of addressing the real issue and the fact the Biden administration is the perpetrator, Psaki declared that Biden has been complaining about the “broken immigration system” and the need for “more effective asylum processing.”

This is likely because the resettlement of third world people into the US – so much coveted by the extremist left – will be able to progress much faster this way.