Putin Afraid of War with US, Wants Former Soviet Estate

Russian oppressor Vladimir Putin, as he remains stuck on battling to overthrow Ukraine, is honestly quite terrified of battling a war against the United States.

What he really aims to accomplish is recovering the one-time Soviet Union’s orb of dominion in Eastern Europe, according to US intelligence services.

In the meantime, Putin’s troops are committing more and more war crimes against Ukrainian civilians and children.

Therefore, the western world has unified in slapping Russia with devastating economic punitive measures.

Putin Wants Russia Enslaving Europe Again

An assessment of the US intelligence community completed in January shows Putin’s motivations as pretty straightforward, albeit twisted, inhumane, and criminal.

The Russian leader does not want to fight a “direct conflict” with the American military and is wary of such a prospect.

Instead, what he has been after is enslaving all of Eastern and Central Europe like Soviet leader Joseph Stalin did after World War II.

How Putin Imagines His Twisted ‘Accommodation’ with America

In a sense, Putin wants to turn back the wheel of time and then put much of today’s free western world once again under the Russian boot.

The unbelievably stiff resistance of the Ukrainians at present is a blatant testimony to how much even nations supposedly historically close to Russia wouldn’t like to be ruled by Moscow once again.

According to the assessment of the US intelligence community, Russia is going to remain “a formidable challenge” to America and an influential power over the next decade.

The American intelligence report may actually have overestimated the Russians somewhat, as it was written before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine seemingly started to expose his regime’s weaknesses.

The assessment correctly predicted that Russia would be continuing to seek to realize its interests in ways that are “sometimes confrontational and provocative.”

The report also noted Moscow would be trying to “dominate Ukraine” and its other former Soviet Bloc neighbors, while trying to establish a “more stable relationship” with the United States.

The US intelligence analysts concluded – even as Putin’s propaganda has been accusing the US of all possible sins of “imperialism – the Russian regime has been hoping to actually achieve an “accommodation with the United States” based “on mutual non-interference” in each other’s domestic affairs.

The latter is particularly hard to believe, judging from the experiences of the past decade, during which Putin’s Russia has been interfering far more in the domestic affairs of the United States than vice versa.

There is little doubt this has been overwhelmingly due to the leadership, security, and foreign policy weakness of Democrat Presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The latter actually is the common denominator of both his own and Obama’s administrations, where he was Obama’s veep for eight years.