Putin ‘Can’t Bluff Anymore’, Russian Attack on US Ally Ukraine ‘Imminent’

A Russian military invasion of US ally Ukraine is “imminent and inevitable”, Western and Ukrainian officials have warned.

The Moscow press said Russian leader Vladimir Putin can no longer afford to bluff over his threats of waging war and could act any moment now.

In a warning voiced by Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, US intelligence services said they expect Putin to stage a provocation, such as a false-flag operation, in order to create a pretext for war.

Fake Chemical Attack as Possible Pretext for War

The Russian leader first started nibbling at Ukraine back in 2014, after Ukrainians overthrew a pro-Moscow president.

As a result, Putin first occupied and then annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea; he then started a pro-Russian insurgency in the eastern Donbass region, which is still ongoing as a major trench war.

Likely sensing Joe Biden’s weakness in the White House in 2021, Putin has been upping his demands for the West, and threatening to attack Ukraine.

Putin and his stooges’ demands for the US and its allies in NATO became particularly brazen at the end of 2021.

Moscow demanded that no more Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine, would ever be admitted to NATO, and said military facilities in the region must be restored to their pre-1997 levels.

In US-Russia and NATO-Russia negotiations last week, Western diplomats naturally rejected the impossible demands in question.

In a report on Monday, the influential Russian newspaper, Moskovsky Komsomolets, declared Putin upped the ante in his demands and threats for the West “so much” that Ukraine will be attacked by Russia.

The Ukrainian intelligence concluded Russian proxies intend to use material to fake a chemical weapons attack by Ukraine on the Russian forces.

This in turn would be used “as a pretext” by the Putin regime to expand its “armed aggression” against Ukrainian, the country’s Defense Ministry said.

Bringing Ballistic Missiles from Siberia

According to videos leaked online, the latest military exercise appears to be sniper drills carried out in the Rostov region of Russia; this borders the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russian proxies in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Speaking on Sunday, Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan shared some information about what the next steps of the United States may be.

Sullivan claimed that whether Putin wants to proceed with diplomacy, or whether he might choose “invasion and escalation,” the United States is ready to react either way with a “robust response.”

In light of Biden’s weak foreign policy demonstrated over the past year, especially with the terrible loss of the war in Afghanistan, Sullivan’s comments are hardly reassuring.

Let’s not forget that Putin is a much more formidable foe to America than the Taliban.