Putin Crushes Crypto Tycoons in Communism 2.0 Crackdown on Wealthy

(Video snapshots from east2west Telegram channel show some of the detentions.)

Soviet Communism appears to be getting reborn in Russia, right alongside the dominant unofficial state ideology of Rashism (a modern-day brand of Russian fascism and Nazism).

Moscow witnessed a quite bizarre police crackdown on young Russian tycoons who made fortunes in cryptocurrencies, just as the latter were gathering to flaunt their hyper-expensive cars.

From Communism to Fascism and Back

Soviet Communism, with its class-struggle Marxism focus, ended in 1989-1991, with the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

Post-Soviet Russia has since been a weird place of violent organized crime, hyper-rich criminal tycoons and cronies known as oligarchs, and, most recently, a restored dominance of the fascist Russian intelligence services and police state.

The true face of the Rashist regime of bloodthirsty Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin has been best exposed since the start of his two invasions of Ukraine – the partial one in 2014, and the current one, as of February 2022.

The latter has quickly grown into the biggest war in Europe since the Second World War.

In the six months of Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the regime managed to withstand the pressure of western financial and economic sanctions.

There were no signs of communist-style crackdowns on the remaining rich Russians; although that may already be changing.

(Video snapshot from east2west Telegram channel showing the police raid.)

The ‘Rich and Successful’ in Russia

An unexpected police crackdown on crypto multimillionaires occurred in Moscow over the weekend.

This was after a group of wealthy young Russians somehow came up with the idea to organize for themselves a “rich and successful” car rally throughout the city.

As the crypto tycoons were gathering with their supercars, police units showed up. They started grabbing them and taking them away, thus preventing what would have been an “extravagant” display of wealth in the rapidly impoverishing Russia.

Video footage leaked online showed how masked police officers were dragging away rich drivers, seemingly because the latter were flaunting their wealth in the streets of Moscow.

While the car owners were being arrested, their luxury vehicles were impounded for investigations.

The bizarre wealth rally caused public anger in Moscow because of its demonstrative nature. A Russian legislator from the pro-Putin, ruling United Russia Party even called for the arrested multimillionaires to be sent to fight against Ukraine.

The “Rich and Successful” car rally in Moscow, which never took place, even had entrance tickets of $4,500 and featured a breakfast, as well as an afterparty.

One of those detained was 17-year-old Oscar Liksutov, the son of Moscow Transport Department’s head, Maksim Liksutov. Instead of going to jail, however, he was escorted back to his home.

Another detainee was the former mayor of the city of Arkhangelsk, Alexander Donsky, who was in trouble before while driving around in a Ferrari around a shopping mall in Moscow.

Russian legislator Mikhail Dzhabarov said the detainees have to be punished for flaunting “western cars” and they should be to fight in Ukraine.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.