Putin Escalates Nuclear War Threat Against West with New Perilous Move

(Social media video snapshot.)

Russia’s bloodthirsty tyrant, Vladimir Putin, has taken a new step to escalate his threats of waging nuclear war against the United States and its allies.

A Russian fleet of strategic nuclear bombers has been moved to a new location more suitable for a nuclear strike against the West.

Nuclear Blackmail Up Putin’s Sleeve

Nuclear blackmail and the actual use of nuclear weapons have remained the only “trump card” up Putin’s sleeve in his faltering invasion of Ukraine and gigantic diplomatic conflict with the West.

In September, he already announced mobilization in Russia, seeking to put 1.2 million men under arms.

Putin’s attack on Ukraine with 200,000 troops in February failed miserably, thanks to Ukrainian resistance and growing supplies of US and other western weapon systems.

Thus, much, if not most, of Russia’s previously professional military has been wiped out. Putin’s regime is not forced to rely on untrained and unmotivated conscripts.

(A Daily Mail map shows where the Russian nuclear bombers have been transferred.)

Putin Tries to Cover Up That He’s Out of Missiles

Putin made a brand-new brinkmanship move, seemingly designed to show America and its NATO allies he is dead serious about destroying humanity in an all-out nuclear war with the West.

The move in question is the transferring of a fleet of strategic nuclear bombers – precisely the planes to be used in a nuclear war with America, Britain, Germany, France, and so on – to an air base that is closer and more convenient for attacking the West.

Satellite images and data cited by The Daily Mail show Putin moved the Tu-160 bombers to the Olenya Air Base in Northwest Russia.

The base in question is located a little over 100 miles from Russia’s border with Norway, a NATO member and US ally. It is less than 100 miles from Russia’s border with Finland, which is also about to become a member of the NATO alliance.

The Tu-160 bombers based at Olenya are capable of reaching not just all of America’s European allies, but also of reaching the US itself and striking it with nuclear bombs.

Satellite images have shown the Olenya Air base had no supersonic bombers on August 12, while it has 11 today. Those include seven Tu-160 strategic bombers and four Tu-95 bombers.

The Armageddon planes typically would be station at Engels Air Base, which is some 450 miles south-east of Moscow.

There is also data showing the Olenya air base now has Kh-101 cruise missiles, which could carry either conventional or nuclear warheads and be used for striking Ukraine.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Putin was attending a forum of post-Soviet states in Astana, Kazakhstan. He threatened any fighting between Russia and the NATO alliance would mean having World War III.

Putin also preposterously said he saw no need for more massive strikes on Ukraine. Earlier this week, he bombed Ukrainian civilians indiscriminately; after this, various sources and reports emphasized Russia is rapidly running out of missiles.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.