Putin Tried to Detonate Nuclear Weapons, But Got ‘Sabotaged,’ Insider Claims

Russia’s bloodthirsty tyrant Vladimir Putin actually ordered and tried to carry out two nuclear weapon detonations.

However, neither materialized as they were “sabotaged” or suffered nuclear failures, according to a Moscow source claiming insider knowledge of the Kremlin’s affairs.

Putin’s Last Resort: The Nuclear Option

Putin’s Russia has been failing miserably for eight months now to overwhelm its smaller, but vastly bolder, neighbor Ukraine in a criminal campaign of conquest.

As the Russian mobilization failed to impress Ukrainians and the free world, the atrocious Moscow dictator is left with a single trump card up his sleeve: the brandishing and even potential usage of Russia’s nuclear weapons.

Western and Ukrainian political commentators and military experts theorized Putin may resort to nuclear weapons in two possible options: either by striking Ukrainian cities or troops with one or several tactical nukes, or carrying out a nuclear demonstration.

This could happen in the Black Sea, the Arctic, or the Pacific Ocean, for instance by blowing up and destroying a small island.

In the former scenario, the United States and its allies from the 30-strong NATO alliance are widely expected to react with direct military action against Russia.

According to retired US military commanders, such as Gens. Ben Hodges and David Petreus, a Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine could see the US and its allies vaporize the Russian military and Navy “anywhere they are seen.”

(Social media footage snapshot shows the Russian nuclear underwater drone Poseidon.)

Putin Really Going at It on Detonating Nukes

Putin’s nuclear usage threat may have already materialized, had it not been for sabotage or technical failures, according to Prof. Valery Solovey, a Russian political scientist claiming insider knowledge of the Kremlin’s affairs.

Solovey, an opposition theorist who was arrested and interrogated shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 of this year, is also connected with “General SVR.”

This is a Telegram channel also claiming to be revealing insider information from the Russian presidency. According to Solovey’s latest revelation cited by The Daily Mirror, Putin’s nuclear demonstration plans were set in motion, but hampered from the inside.

In his latest commentary, Solovey argued Putin was facing “resistance” on any potential nuclear launch orders; although he did note he couldn’t tell for sure “how effective” any potential “resistance” would be.

The opposition activist, however, said he could disclose nuclear launch tests “were supposed” to be carried out by the Putin regime in the past couple of weeks.

One of those was supposed to occur underwater in the Barents Sea, with another one in Northwestern Russia, in the Arkhangelsk region, underground. “Neither of those tests was held,” Solovey revealed.

He claimed the goal of the two tests was to make sure Russia’s tactical nuclear weapons were operational before their potential detonation against Ukraine.

“They had to be tested,” the Russian opposition activist said, emphasizing that both were “disrupted.” In his words, Putin received reports “it didn’t work out,” due to “an emergency situation.”

Solovey disclosed further that the Russian tyrant ordered the tests to be organized anew, and he already decided “in principle” to carry out a tactical nuclear strike upon Ukraine.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.