Putin Tries to Spread Ukraine War to More Countries, Stokes Fears of New Onslaught

(A Belarus Presidency photo shows Putin together with fellow dictator Alexander Lukashenko. Putin's is not happy over the latter's refusal to formally join the war against Ukraine.)

Russia’s atrocious tyrant Vladimir Putin is trying to get more countries to be openly involved in his monstrous war against a pro-western Ukraine.

Vast numbers of newly mobilized Russian troops have just been deployed to Belarus, a Moscow puppet whose own dictator, however, has been resisting sending his military to aid Russians.

Putin Using Entire Foreign Country Without Formally Dragging It into War

Putin has been using Belarus – a nation of nine million people located west of Russia and north of Ukraine – for launching and supplying the northern route of his invasion.

Despite offering Russia logistical support and allowing it to use Belarusian territory, Belarus’ slippery dictator Alexander Lukashenko is refusing to send his military against Ukraine.

He fears such a move could lead to his toppling after he barely survived mass street protests in 2020.

It was the northern invasion route through Belarus that allowed Russians to target quickly the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, situated barely 100 miles south of the Belarusian border.

Yet, it was exactly the northern invasion that was completely defeated in the Battle of Kyiv at the end of March 2022, leading the Russian command to pull out surviving troops and send them to fight in eastern, southeast, and southern Ukraine.

Seeing his war turning into a total failure, last month, Putin announced full-fledged mobilization in Russia, which seeks to put 1.2 million men under arms.

As the Russian mobilization has progressed in recent weeks, speculations started to emerge that Putin may once again try to attack Ukraine’s capital Kyiv via Belarus. He is more eager than ever to get the Belarusian military to participate in the onslaught.

(Ukrainian Defense Ministry photo shows troops who have been ready to repulse Belarus if it joins Russia in Putin’s invasion.)

Putin Putting Tremendous Pressure on Fellow Dictator Lukashenko

In a new move lending further credence to the fears of a second Russian invasion of Ukraine out of Belarus, Belarus’ dictator Alexander Lukashenko on Tuesday ordered his military to undergo “combat readiness” tests.

Lukashenko’s test for the combat preparedness of the Belarusian military came shortly after the head of the country’s intelligence announced his expectation that Putin’s invasion was going to see “a turning point” over the next few months, presumably in Moscow’s favor.

Ukrainian commentators stated in separate YouTube analyses if Putin manages to force Belarus to join Russia in the war against Ukraine, that would be a tremendous success for the Russian dictator – at least in diplomatic and political terms

The Ukrainian intelligence believes at least some of the Iranian-made drones which attacked Ukrainian cities have come out of Belarus.

In a release on Tuesday, Kyiv’s intelligence service said Moscow already sent 31 Iranian Shahed-136 drones to Belarus, with eight more to be transferred there by Friday.

The current mobilization, missile strikes, and further invasion efforts by Moscow are considered by some pundits as Putin’s last attempt to overwhelm Ukraine before he decides to strike it with tactical nuclear weapons in a last-ditch desperate move.


This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.