Putin’s Hordes Kill First US Soldier Fighting for Ukraine

(Photo from Rebeca Cabrera)

For the first time, the Russian military of Moscow’s bloody dictator, Vladimir Putin, killed an American citizen fighting for the freedom of Ukraine.

Ex-Marine Survived by 7-Month-Old Son

22-year-old Willy Joseph Cancel, a former serviceman from the US Marine Corps, was killed in action in Ukraine.

The death of the ex-US Marine, who is originally from Orange County, New York state, has been confirmed by the family, CNN reports, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Shortly after Putin’s invasion, Ukraine called for volunteers from around the world to fight for its freedom to stop the hordes of the east.

In the first weeks of the war, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced it set up a foreign legion with some 20,000 fighters from all over the world.

One US citizen fighting in Ukraine, a 48-year-old veteran with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and a native of Connecticut, has been posting social media videos from the fighting in the Kyiv region.

However, on Friday, ex-US Marine Willy Joseph Cancel became the first American soldier confirmed as killed in the resistance against Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

The report makes it clear the former Marine ended up fighting the Russians in Ukraine after the private security company, for which he was working, sent him there.

Cancel is survived by his wife Brittany and their son Anthony, who is only seven months old. The couple married back in July 2019.

(Photo from Brittany Cancel)

American Who Helped Beat Back Evil

Rebecca Cabrera, Willy Cancel’s mother, reveals her son wanted to go to Ukraine because he “believed in” what that nation is fighting for.

She elaborated the heroic US Marine wanted to help “contain” the Russian threat so that it wouldn’t move West or all the way to the United States and so the US military “wouldn’t need to get involved”.

For the time being, no details have emerged as to how Willy Cancel perished fighting the Russian hordes in Ukraine.

His mother could only disclose that his comrades haven’t been able to find and retrieve his body, but they are trying to do so.

She said the situation his unit was in meant that trying immediately to extract the body put their own lives in danger.

Cabrera also shared the unit that her son was fighting in included soldiers “from all different countries” who flocked to help rescue Ukraine and defend the West.

She did reveal the heroic ex-Marine flew to Poland on March 12, after which he crossed into Ukraine to join its foreign legion. Just prior to that, he was employed as a corrections officer in Tennessee.

In the report, the US Department of State is cited as saying it’s been informed about Cancel’s death in Ukraine, but is not commenting on the matter because of privacy concerns.