Putin’s Mobilization Secretly Drafts One Million Men to Fight Ukraine

(Social media footage snapshot shows Russian conscripts leaving their families to fight in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.)

The mobilization announced two days ago in Russia by bloody dictator Vladimir Putin to fight in his atrocious invasion of Ukraine turned out to be “full,” rather than “partial,” as he claimed.

It’s secretly drafting one million men, rather than just 300,000.

Secret, Blanked-Out Paragraph Hiding the Truth

The Kremlin tyrant has severely escalated his war against Ukraine by announcing the mobilization, while also threatening the United States and its western allies with nuclear war because of their support for the Ukrainians.

Russia has now lost more than 14,000 units of heavy military equipment in Ukraine, plus up to 150,000 killed, wounded, captured, or missing.

The Ukrainian government’s count put the number of dead servicemen from the official Russian military at more than 56,000. If the casualties of Putin’s mercenaries and proxies are also factored in, the number of Russian fighters killed in battle would be about 100,000.

Putin and his crony regime were reluctant to declare mobilization out of fear of an armed revolution that could topple them. However, the manpower loss has been so huge the dictator feels forced to take the escalating step.

(Social media footage snapshot shows Russian conscripts leaving their families to fight in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.)

Putin Bleeding Out Russia’s Ethnic Minorities

Putin’s Defense Minister and close crony, Sergei Shoigu, was quick to announce after his boss’ mobilization speech that only about 300,000 military reservists would be summoned to fight in Ukraine.

However, a censored paragraph in Putin’s order actually revealed one million men would be called up, according to a report cited by The Daily Mail.

The mobilization order was published with one of its paragraphs blanked out, which supposedly related to the number of men who could be drafted.

A source close to Putin told Novaya Gazeta, an opposition newspaper, that the hidden figure stipulates the conscription of one million men.

While the Kremlin was quick to deny the report, international and Ukrainian military observers stated they have been taken aback by the speed of the mobilization.

Young and middle-aged men all over Russia’s vast expanses have been getting rounded up, while thousands have tried to leave the country by air or land.

One thing particularly notable about Putin’s swift mobilization is it seems to be disproportionately targeting members of Russia’s numerous ethnic minorities and minority peoples.

In many cases, these folks inhabit their own autonomous republics within a nominal federation ruled by the de facto “Tsar” in Moscow.

Ukrainian military analysts have noted in YouTube interviews that besides seeking to crush Ukraine, Putin is using the war and the mobilization to try to kill off the most military-capable men of the ethnic minorities.

This is designed to prevent potential independence movements from having enough fighters. Russia is increasingly threatened by falling apart, just like the Soviet Union did back in 1991.

Thus, some of the most active mobilization efforts appear to be taking place in the non-Russian autonomous republics of Buryatia, Yakutia (Saha), Dagestan, Tatarstan, and Chechnya.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.