Russia Tests Brand-New Superweapon to ‘Make US Think’

(Snapshot from Russian state TV footage shows the Satan-2 ICBM launch)

The regime of atrocious Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has tested a fresh superweapon to threaten the United States and its allies.

This is a brand-new ballistic missile called “Satan-2”, also known as “Sarmat”, which, in his words, will make Russia’s enemies “think”.

It is worth reminding that earlier this month, the Biden administration canceled planned tests of America’s Minuteman III ICBM, out of fear this might provoke nuclear tensions between the United States and Russia.

Apparently, Putin himself harbors no such scruples. The Russian autocrat clearly uses every single opportunity to threaten and try to humiliate the West.

Commenting on the fresh Satan-2 ICBM test, the Russian tyrant declared the new development in question is going to give “food for thought” to Russia’s enemies.

The first test launch of the Sarmat / Satan-2 missile was performed out of Plesetsk, a spaceport located in Northern Russia.

According to the allegations of the Kremlin, the new ICBM can travel at an unmatched speed of 16,000mph, carry 12 nuclear warheads at once, and strike any target on Planet Earth.

For instance, the Kremlin bragged it could destroy the UK, one of America’s closest allies.

Putin’s ‘Invincible’ New Missiles

Sarmat / Satan 2 is among the next generation of Russian missiles, including also two other hypersonic missiles, the Kinzhal (“Dagger”) and Avangard (“Vanguard”).

Putin previously described the missiles in question as “invincible.”

However, considering the highly flawed condition of the Russian military and Russian technology, their actual capabilities may be questionable.

However, the fact the Russian military is losing – or at least not winning – the war in Ukraine, may lead the Moscow tyrant to resort to the usage of nuclear weapons.

Following the test of the Satan-2 / Sarmal ICMB on Wednesday, the propaganda of the Putin regime went crazy over the latest “superweapon” of “Mother Russia” against the “perfidious” West.

The Russian dictator was shown on government-controlled news channels as he was briefed on the ICBM test by his generals. Putin called the Sarmat / Satan-2 missile a “truly unique weapon”.

The TV reports emphasized how the missile was launched from Russia’s northwest and “successfully” hit targets located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the First East, several thousand miles to the east.

The Moscow tyrant claimed Russia’s new ICBM can “overcome all modern” anti-missile defense systems, there is nothing like it in the world, and it isn’t going to be replicated for quite some time.

Last month, Russia already used one of its three new missiles – the Dagger (Kinzhal) – in order to hit a target in Ukraine.

In any case, the show-off usage of the new missile didn’t do anything to tip the scales of war in Ukraine in favor of Russia.

Russia’s propaganda media boasted the new missile has a range of 11,000 miles, can carry a payload of 10 tons, and is going to “increase significantly” the present-day combat power of the Russian strategic nuclear forces.