Race Riots Cure Coronavirus | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 554


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Race riots, looting, and arson overtook cities from coast to coast this weekend spreading misery and chaos in their wake. But on the bright side, since no one cares about social distancing anymore, the unrest seems to have cured coronavirus! Then, the mainstream media recast Black Lives Matter and Antifa anarchists as “white supremacists,” which put white liberals in a tough spot as they were all raising money to bail the alleged white supremacists out of jail.

1:36 The cure for Coronavirus
5:02 The “protest” double standards
17:40 Understanding white liberals
23:18 Good people suffer in riots
28:45 Liberals beg rioters to stop so Trump isn’t reelected
32:20 Protester accidentally lights himself on fire
33:43 People fight ANTIFA
37:45 Racism is bad
41:13 How to stay calm in times like these

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