Rand Paul Claims Anyone Involved in Russiagate Should Be Jailed

Saying that the 2016 election was chaotic would be an understatement. Even after all the undermining Hillary Clinton had done at the time, Trump’s MAGA agenda took the victory in the end.

However, not everyone was happy with how things turned out. It didn’t take long for the woke mob to pop up from out of nowhere, claiming Trump had help from the Russians during the election cycle.

Seven years too late to the party…

These claims went on for a while.

Despite being completely baseless and even directed at the wrong person, seeing as Hillary was the one working with them, they slowly chipped away at the reputation of a respected businessman and president of the United States.

The chaos surrounding the elections never died down. Trump’s supposed involvement with the Russians is still a point of contention for many Democrats.

To help aid his GOP colleague, Senator Paul made several statements regarding those who kept spreading lies about the legitimacy of Trump’s victory in 2016, the name of the entire operation being Russiagate.

He made the bold claim that anyone who was part of Russiagate deserves to be jailed. He may just be the first man brave enough to take a stand against the cancel culture surrounding the event.

Trump’s campaign pushed through waves of misinformation

Paul appeared on Newsmax for an interview, which quickly touched on the topic of Russiagate. The senator lost his composure upon hearing the FBI had no evidence when spreading all those lies about Trump.

Thankfully, he isn’t the only man devoted to telling the truth. Reporter Matt Taibbi, an avid Trump supporter, outlined the Clinton campaign’s constant efforts at ruining her opponent’s presidential run.

That may have gone unnoticed, had Hillary not employed the entirety of the FBI to spread misinformation about her opponent, ranging from the pee/blackmail tapes to the outrageous idea of Carter Page being Trump’s conduit for a relationship with Russia and the country’s elites.

That being said, a lot of the comments came from uninformed liberals just jumping at the first opportunity to speak ill of the Republican candidate.