Rayshard Brooks Was A Violent Criminal, Not A Victim | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 507


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, in one of the worst injustices we’ve seen in recent memory, the officer who shot Rayshard Brooks in self-defense is being charged with murder. We’ll talk about this case and why the charges are insane. Also, the media is attempting to make a saint out of Brooks, so we’re going to discuss the actual truth about this man. Also Five Headlines. And in our Daily Cancellation, in honor of my birthday, I will be canceling cake. Just hear me out on this.

00:00 – Opening
02:13 – Rayshard Brooks Was A Violent Criminal, Not A Victim
29:33 – Fired for allegedly making white power symbol while working
34:45 – Man attacked in Texas for cutting in line
35:38 – Dr. Fauci Admits That Public Health Experts Initially ‘Downplayed’ Face Masks Over Concerns About Supply 
36:27 – John Bolton’s new book (who cares?)
38:53 – Variety calls for warning labels on these films
41:16 – Cake is cancelled

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