Released Military Documents Contradict Fauci’s Sworn Statements on Gain-of-Function Research

New military documents released by Project Veritas reportedly completely destroy current NIH Director Dr. Fauci’s testimony before Congress.

This testimony was about his knowledge of gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Project Veritas obtained the secret documents from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which were found in a shared drive.

The documents state that EcoHealth Alliance contacted DARPA in 2018 to ask for funding to conduct Project Defuse, which was a gain of research experiment involving bats.

Project Veritas reported DARPA turned down the funding request for safety concerns. However, the NIAID, led by Dr. Fauci, continued to proceed with gain of function research in Wuhan and various cities across the United States.

More Details on the Story

Fauci, on multiple occasions, claimed the NIAID and the NIH have not funded any gain of function research programs in Wuhan.

Senator Rand Paul, who is also a physician, slammed Fauci for reportedly funding gain of function research, to which Fauci denied in a nervous manner.

Today, Fauci and Paul were back at it again. As usual, Fauci denied every claim Paul threw his way. At one point of the hearing, Fauci held up a picture that’s on Sen. Paul’s website that reads, ‘Fire Dr. Fauci.’

More on Fauci and Paul’s Fiery Exchanges

The Senate Committee on Health had Fauci testify before lawmakers, regarding the origins of COVID-19 and the current handling of the pandemic.

Senator Paul led the charge against Fauci and called out the doctor for criticizing any doctor or scientist who disagrees with his opinions.

Paul stated it’s a dangerous precedent when one doctor becomes the only voice of ‘truth’ during a pandemic and anyone who questions that doctor becomes a conspiracy theorist.

Instead of answering Paul’s claims, Fauci did what he does best and that’s completely sidestep questions and try to appeal to people’s emotions.

At one point, Fauci stated the Senate Health Committee should be discussing the 900,000 people who died from COVID and not the origins of COVID.

Paul immediately shot back that Fauci is the leader of the response of COVID and people have died under his watch.

If Biden cared about his approving rating at all, he would fire Fauci. The only reason why Fauci’s still hanging around is the Biden administration is scared he will expose everyone involved with the Wuhan lab leak if he’s fired.

Fauci is currently the highest-paid federal worker and even gets paid more than Biden.

It’s clear between the high COVID death rate, along with Fauci’s shady connections to China, he should’ve been fired long ago. To be honest, it was Trump’s biggest mistake not to fire Fauci while he had the power to do so.