GOP Rep. Markwayne Mullin Reportedly Missing in Afghanistan

A Republican lawmaker of Oklahoma has been reported as missing; this comes after he went to Afghanistan on a covert rescue mission in an attempt to rescue stranded Afghans and American citizens. The Department of State has lost all contact with Mullins; the last time they had contact with him was on Tuesday.

GOP Rep. Markwayne Mullin Reportedly Missing in Afghanistan

Well, a fresh report from TulsaWorld that got in contact with Mullins’ communication director reported that Rep. Mullins is safe; he is also continuing his effort to get Americans back home safely.

Rep. Mullins’ communication director went on to say that he will make sure no American is left behind. As of right now, his exact location is unknown and it’s also unclear if his operation to evacuate Americans was successful or not.

Washington Post Says Mullins Threatened Embassy Staff

A story by the Washington Post declared that Mullins allegedly threatened U.S. Embassy officials in Turkmenistan; this reportedly happened due to the fact they wouldn’t allow Mullins to carry a large amount of cash into the country because it violated Turkmenistan’s cash-carrying law.

The reason Rep. Mullins was planning to carry a large amount of cash into Turkmenistan is that he planned to rescue an American family stranded inside of Afghanistan; this family needed the cash to rent a helicopter.

US Vets Are Operating Private Evacuations

A former Green Beret, along with other US veterans, have started a task force called Pineapple; so far, they have led around a thousand Americans and Afghans from out of Afghanistan.

The group of vets has created a modern-day “underground railroad” that consists of intricate escape routes, along with guides on the ground to help people escape. Retired Green Beret Army Capt. Zac Lois who served in Afghanistan in 2012 is the leader of the operation.

Lois is even in coordination with some US government officials who have given information regarding stranded Americans’ coordinates. While the Biden administration has officially stopped evacuation efforts, brave American patriots have not!

Biden Doesn’t Know How Many Americans Are Left in Afghanistan

In his latest press conference, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said around 6,000 Americans have been safely evacuated from Afghanistan. He then went on to say that there are currently close to 200 Americans still in Afghanistan; the reason why they are still there is they supposedly haven’t made a clear decision on whether they should leave or not.

Close to two weeks ago, the State Department went on record saying there were anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 Americans in Afghanistan. So, if the U.S. were only able to evacuate 6,000 of them, that means there are over 4,000 Americans still left in Afghanistan.

The Biden administration will do everything in its power to keep Afghanistan out of the news cycle; so for them to say there are only 200 Americans left in Afghanistan is not believable.