Republican Candidate’s House Fired at By Gunman!

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Around two weeks ago, Republican candidate Pat Harrigan was woken by gunshots in the middle of the night, only to find they were fired directly at his home. The bullet lodged itself in a wall only several feet away from his children.

The heinous attack happened on October 18th, weeks before the midterm congressional elections, in which Harrigan is fighting for an open seat in a famously liberal district.

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FBI launches investigation into gunman who shot at GOP candidate’s home

Harrigan’s two daughters, aged three and five were staying at his family’s home at the time, located directly above the room that the gunman aimed for,. While the window was shattered, the children remained unharmed and undisturbed.

Initially, many assumed it to have been a stray bullet.

The trajectory indicates it came from a heavily wooded area, but if the late hours in which the incident took place are taken into consideration, the possibility of it being a hunting accident is immediately ruled out.

What makes the whole thing worse is the only location the bullet could’ve been fired from is also Harrigan’s property, meaning someone had to purposely trespass for this sad attempt at intimidating the former green beret.

As the days went on though, the attack was soon connected to Harrigan’s battle with Democrat candidate Jeff Jackson. He is still favored to win the race, despite the shooting that could easily have been politically motivated.

Double standard policy

The more important thing to note is the coverage, or lack thereof, of stories of attacks on Republican candidates in the midterm elections. This bears a stark contrast to anything related to a Democrat official in the past couple of months.

When Nancy Pelosi received a death threat, the entirety of the GOP had to refrain from using her name in campaign ads and even mentioning her in the rallies; whereas Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s assassination attempt was completely ignored by left-leaning media.

Biden’s comments about the GOP and Republicans being a threat to democracy aren’t exactly helping either, especially considering how hypocritical they are. GOP Senate candidate Dan Bolduc was attacked on the same day the president chose to demonize every conservative in the US.

The left’s double standard policy transpired into every facet of our lives. If you’re not keeping up with the few conservative media channels that weren’t censored, chances are you won’t hear any of this.

As long as it drives their political narrative, Democrats won’t shy away from using deplorable and outright disgusting strategies. If someone even dares to look at one of theirs wrong, it’s all over the news for the entire month.

In the end, though, the GOP may end up losing the media battle, but the war has already been won. Polls are spelling disaster for the Democrats with a wave of red coming on Election Day.