Republican Legislator Says Trump Should Have Submitted Documents

According to the statements of one Republican senator, former President Trump ought to have handed over files kept at his estate in Mar-a-Lago after he vacated the White House. 

Sen. Roy Blunt called into question the timing of the FBI raid on Trump’s home earlier in the month while having a conversation with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News.

Blunt tried to suggest that Trump should really have acted sooner.

Leading Up to the Midterms

Blunt stated Trump was wrong for not turning over the papers; it appears that he had already turned over a lot of documents.

Now, Blunt wants to understand how this could have gone on for almost two years. With less than one hundred days until the election, they are suddenly talking about this instead of the economic system, inflation, or even the student loan program.

Blunt asserts that he is confused about how this could have happened. 

In addition, Blunt stated great care must be taken with confidential info, as the government claims several dozen records with classified materials were gathered from Mar-a-Lago.

This reportedly happened in the course of a months-long back-and-forth between Trump’s team and federal authorities over documents the National Archives acted to retrieve.

Blunt’s statement came as the government declared there were several dozen documents with classification markings retrieved from Mar-a-Lago. 


A warrant that had been under seal was opened. It revealed the former president is the subject of an investigation into possible violations of the Espionage Act, as well as obstruction of justice.

Trump asserts he declassified all of the records and denied any involvement in any illegal activity.  His legal team is looking at hiring a special master to look over the documents that were taken from his home.

According to a document filed on Saturday, a federal judge in the state of Florida indicated the court’s “preliminary intention to designate a special master” to analyze the documents. 

Blunt stated it is fortunate they are going to have a special master examine these records in order to differentiate between the information the president was legally entitled to receive and the documents that he had not yet turned over.

Blunt added that while he is aware Trump handed over a large number of documents, he believes Trump should really have turned over all of the information. On top of this, the GOP lawmaker thinks President Trump is aware of that as well at this point. 

In November, Blunt will not be seeking reelection to the United States Senate to serve another term. 

RealClearPolitics classifies the campaign to succeed Blunt as “Likely Conservative” despite the fact that the GOP’s Eric Schmitt and Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine are both vying for the seat.